Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Make That Two Weeks In A Row... Comics are MIA

Sad face
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My hubby and I went to the local comic book shop today. They were once again missing at least one box of books. This means that tomorrow we call and see if the books arrive. If so, I rearrange my schedule and we go get them.

This is the second week in a row this has happened. Diamond blamed UPS once again. The problem with that particular excuse is that the shipping address on the box is wrong... so who does that mean made an error?? Quality control, People.

I am crossing my fingers that the books arrive tomorrow and that next week things go smoothly. I am not holding my breath!


Carl said...

Hmmmmm, welp, hopefully you guys are not having trouble my shop had some years ago. For a brief time, like maybe a year or so, there was a comic/gameshop that opened here in Seffner. I went to it maybe twice 'cause the employees seemed very uninterested in engaging or even noticing I was even in the shop until I was ready to give them cash at the register. Too busy playing either D&D or multi-player video games. Ssssssoooo, I was like, screw this place. Later I found out that if the local Diamond folks thought they were another shop's employees, or they got other store's shipments mixed with theirs, they would take them and go! This apparently happened enough times for mine and other shops to get pretty pissed and made sure these folks were kept on a short leash while picking up their orders. At one point I heard they owed Diamond and had to return a lot of product that was not theirs to begin with. Naturally, they closed shorty after this...

Heidi Meeley said...

What a horror story, Carl. As if it's not bad enough that Diamond might err, adding dishonest people to the list is like my worst nightmare come to life!


Thanks for sharing this.