Thursday, December 14, 2006

Diamond Comics Disribution and UPS= HELL!

This morning I called my local shop and confirmed that the other half of the comics are due tomorrow. While this is all good and well, I wanted to dig deeper into the problem, so my shop owner allowed me to take a UPS label off one of the boxes that did indeed come in.

Here is what I have discovered.

There were four boxes total that shipped from the Torrance, California facility on December 11. They tracked fine into West Sacramento, California, but only two continued on to Roseburg, Oregon and on upwards to the final destination. The other two boxes went to Phoenix, Arizona and had to be re-routed. Those are the boxes that are nowhere in sight.

I also checked on some older shipments, and it seems that the West Sacramento facility is a common denominator in shipping problems. Part of the shipments make it to the correct truck while the rest are incorrectly sent to Phoenix. This is a chronic issue.

I called UPS and they said that since I wasn't the vendor or the receiver that I couldn't be given information or be allowed to contact the representative on this issue. My store owner or a representative of Diamond has to do so.

So it is a UPS problem to a point. My bad.

The issue at hand is that the quality control at West Sacramento is terrible and people need to be let go. The other issue is that supposedly UPS has received NO complaints from either vendor or end user. I am hoping to correct that as of tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed, okay? I want to be part of the solution rather then a random whiner who does nothing to fix the problem. Hopefully my shop owner will be amenable.


Robert Burke Richardson said...

Hi, Heidi -- I wandered over here from ComicSpace. Probably the only entity harder to comprehend than Diamond is the UPS!

Heidi Meeley said...

Yes, that is what I am afraid of. UPS is such a big corporation, and with it being Christmas season and all, God knows when I may ever get a response. My shop owner was out today, so I am having to wait until Monday to work with him to get ahold of UPS. Yikes.

Good to see you here! I am thrilled you stopped by!

Anonymous said...

You would NOT BELIEVE the excuses that we store owners get from Diamond and UPS. Once my Diamond rep told me that "The label must have fallen off of the box." Have you EVER seen those labels on the boxes? They're completely stuck on there with super duper glue. The ONLY way it could have fallen off is if it was never put on. They'll do anything to not have to take responsibility for the problem!