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Quick Take Reviews for December 3

Deathblow 2
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Heidi Meeley.
Powers #21- the current “Secret Identity” storyline is a return to greatness for the Bendis/Oeming creator owned title. Full of clever lines and a mystery wrapped in an enigma, issue #21 gave me the warm feeling of satisfaction that I haven’t felt for quite some time. There are lots of death and an excellent humanization of the “powers” therein. Deena and Walker have major secrets that threaten to overcome them, but are back to being detectives rather then living in a melodramatic soap opera that was threatening to consume the book. Powers is good again, so hop on board for the ride. Grade: A

Deathblow #2- People are screwing with Michael Cray, and I for one, couldn’t be happier. This means that his vengeance will be much sweeter then before. Set up in a fake life, and being led around by IO, it is only a matter of time before Deathblow gets to some serious butt kicking. Brian Azzarello maintains his place on my list of favorite writers for this one. Grade: A

Ultimate Power #2- Sorry to say, this title is still just lukewarm for me. The premise is interesting, and having the “Ultimate” universe meet up with Squadron Supreme is sweet, but we haven’t hit that high note. So far there has been a lot of fighting and banter, but it hasn’t gotten to the good stuff. Hopefully the set up of the last page means that Bendis is upping the ante. My other fervent wish is that Greg Land would go back to a more raw style and quit light boarding so much. It makes for pretty but boring art. Grade: C-

The Immortal Iron Fist #1- The best new book I am reading. Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction have come up with a ferociously entrancing concept, and the art by David Aja brings it home. I get chills looking at the first splash page. This is the real deal, kiddies. Pick up a copy and enjoy. Grade: A

Wetworks #3- Mayday, mayday! We’re losing her, Captain! I still like the concept of Wetworks, but Whilce Portacio’s art and the drab storyline are losing me fast. I want to love this book but just can’t. Grade: C-

Ion #8 – God help me, I am enjoying the story but really hating the art. Kyle Rayner is a favorite male character of mine, and his metamorphosis has been fascinating to behold, but the art in previous issues, and here ruins it for me. Paging Darryl Banks!! Grade: B

Green Lantern #15- Geoff Johns is succeeding at doing the impossible- he is making me enjoy Hal Jordan again. I didn’t think it was possible, but this current story is a dazzling display of what makes Johns DC’s writer of note. If the book can keep on schedule, I will stay on board. Grade: B

Batman #659- Reunited and it feels so good! John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, the team supreme on old school Spectre, are back together telling a gripping and creepy story. I was reticent about someone filling in for Morrison and Kubert, but this is the perfect medicine to cure what ails. Grade: B+

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