Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oodles of Wonder Woman Coverage for Your Viewing Pleasure!

Wonder Woman art
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Over at Newsarama, there are several great Wonder Woman-related articles to read and savor. I have been in bliss with the great selection of stories. It gives me hope that Wonder Woman will get more focus in the Spring... and it's about damn time.

First up is a two part interview with new writer Jodi Picoult. The links are as follows: Part One and Part Two.

Next up is a fantastic interview with the incomparable Drew Johnson on his pencilling chores.

Bringing home the joy is an article about an upcoming mini-series titled Amazons Attack. Writer Will Pfeifer spills the goods here. To add to the excitement, Pete Woods is doing the art. Yay! This is great news.

So take a seat, get comfortable and have a fun read. It is definitely like Christmas coming early!

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