Thursday, December 14, 2006

Two Wonder Woman Comics in a Month? I'll Believe it When I See it!

Wonder Woman #6
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I am running a few days late on this story, but it has been an eventful week, so bear with me. In DC's March solicitations it is showing that both very late issue #5 and issue #6 will be coming out that month.

Evidently, issue #5 has been re-solicited and is supposed to ship March 14 now. What is scary is that back on August 29, I guessed the dates that Allan Heinberg's run would actually ship, and it is even worse then I predicted! I thought that surely issue five would ship at the end of January, but I was wrong.

The good news in this whole thing is that issue six is being solicited for March 28. I actually believe this could happen. With writer Jodi Picoult and fantastic personal favorite artist Drew Johnson at the helm, my sense of security feels like returning instead of screaming for cover. This gives me hope that DC and it's powers-that-be saw a major problem and tried to correct it by bringing Johnson back on board. Thank God.

At any rate, my cynicism isn't rooted in issue six at all; it is issue five I am having serious doubts about. If that issue actually ships on March 14, then I feel good that six will be right behind it. If not, it will be another disapointment, which is something I am becoming very familiar with!

Go check out the full DC solicitations over at Comic Book Resources.

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