Monday, September 10, 2007

New Comics for September 12

JLA Wedding Special
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It feels really weird to be talking about comics set to hit shops in two days since I just picked up last week's stuff today. I haven't looked at any of it as I ended up working a half day (something I was happy to do) and had to do laundry and stuff. Hopefully something in there will make me smile or at least make me think. I am feeling good about it!

This week's haul is another big one. Here is the list.

100 Bullets #85
Black Adam the Dark Age #2 (of 6)
Booster Gold #2
Countdown #33
Fables #65
Gen 13 #12
Green Lantern #23
JLA Wedding Special #1: pictured! This is the cover that makes Superman look like the guest stripper slash party favor. Hmmm...
Justice Society of America #9
Stormwatch PHD #11
Suicide Squad Raise the Flag #1 (of 8)
Welcome to Tranquility #10
Wonder Girl #1 (of 6)
Age of Bronze #26
Noble Causes #31
Daredevil #100
New Avengers #34
Punisher War Journal #11
Ultimate Spider-Man #113
Ultimate X-Men #86
X-Factor #23
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #1 (of 5)
Fallen Angel #20
Lone Ranger #8

That is it for tonight. I hope to have a report of our trip for you tomorrow, but right now I am worried that my spelling and grammar are going to be worse then ever so I am keeping it short!

Have a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

" This is the cover that makes Superman look like the guest stripper slash party favor."

I don't know...that butt-floss bikini bottom on Wonder Woman makes her look like part of the same stripper troupe.

Oh, yeah....welcome back, Heidi!

Eaglewing said...

Supes is in that pic? Really?'t notice :) Guess that reporting gig isn't working out so well if Clark needs a second job. And if this is whats happening here, who's jumping out of the cake over at Ollie's bachelor party?

Decent list of new books there too - 100 Bullets, Daredevil, and X-Factor in the same week. Happy reading!

Unknown said...

Not only does Wonder Woman's butt-floss make me think that this is a stripper troupe, but her butt does not even look like it belongs with her torso. Something about it looks like an extra butt and legs was placed next to hers, blocking her actual lower body from our view.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, you are right on the money. I was actually toying with making this a "gratuitous" candidate, but couldn't decide.

Thank you for the welcome back! I am happy to be back! I missed you guys!

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, you crack me up! I guess Clark must be working a bit of overtime to make some extra cash. :-)

I am really psyched about this week's books as well, and especially the ones you listed. 100 Bullets is my favorite title right now, so I am really pumped!

Have a great day! I am glad to be back!

Heidi Meeley said...

Sheryl, it does make me think I should have used this for "gratuitous" feature and I missed my shot. Darn.

You are right on this one!