Wednesday, February 06, 2008

No Comics... But Lots of Know-it-alls!

The weather continues to haunt us this week. Comics will not be in until tomorrow. Once again, I am not upset because it is simply not worth it. When the weather is bad, it is bad. Trucks can't get through, and things are slow. It also isn't as painful this week because there wasn't any one book I HAD to have immediately. Last week with Y The Last Man was a toughie.

At the gym this last week my workout partner and I have had to endure several other folks trying to tell us how to workout. What these people don't know is that my partner and I have a plan, and it is a well-researched one. When we tell them that, they get a bit uppity, so we have to name drop. Kerry and I went through the Arnold Schwartzenegger Encyclopedia of Body Building. It is 800 pages of everything a person could ever want to know about the modern day way of lifting. Kerry and I also have been following the Clean Eating Diet very closely, packing our coolers full of food each day with a great deal of consideration.

Basically, I think these people are well meaning, but with all due respect, we don't need their help. Last year my partner put on 20 pounds of muscle and I put on over 10 pounds of the lean stuff. We worked very hard and we change things up. We have also made it a point of never telling someone else what to do. We think it is a big no-no at the gym, unless you are an employee of said establishment and the person is going to hurt themselves. Otherwise, it is simply an intrusion.

What is frustrating for Kerry and I is that we have made great results and we really don't want to change what we are doing. We don't know why we are being targeted. My cynical side thinks some of these people want to sabotage us while my happy side thinks it is just well-intentioned but naive on these people's part.

Help me out here. How would you explain to a person in a pleasant manner that you don't need their help? We have been smiling a lot and saying "thanks but no thanks" but it isn't working very well. I am open to ideas.

On that note, have a great night. I am off to eat a turkey patty and relax. Take care!


Nick said...

Positive manner?

Man...your way nicer then I would be.

My three responses:

- Piss off you wanker

- Gee...take your highly uninformed advice or go by Arnold's method...yeah....SOD OFF.

- That thing your doing, talking, yes, stop that immediately before I lose more respect for you.

Then again I am a cruel bastard at times, lol.

Anybody critiques me at a gym though, they are asking for it.

Swinebread said...

Thanks, but no thanks

best response

Lisa said...

Pretend not to hear them or understand them. Look confused, scratch your head, look at each other & shrugg and then continue on. ;)

It sounds like that gym has a lot of know-it-alls and critics. Probably best to simply say thanks but we're happy doing it our way and continuing on, weather it's lifting weights or wearing comic T-Shirts.

Chris Arndt said...

"If you say so" works as well.

Be polite, overtly patronizing, and acknowledging that their way works for them, while not wasting time saying things.