Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

It is a Wednesday, and it still feels like Monday. I am having a good, productive week at work. It has been interesting to me to be up on a new computer and to start learning the new system. The last few days have flown by!

Because of the five Wednesdays this week, my new comics will not ship until next Wednesday. This means that when I get my new books, it will be three weeks of goodies. Woo hoo! I am getting withdrawals, but I know it will be a lot of fun to get that package.

When is the next issue of Final Crisis coming out? I am starting to panic and think I missed it somehow in all the shuffle of my busy work schedule. I should probably head over to DC and find out, but I am lazy. Bad Heidi.

I really have got nothing going on other then work and thinking about cutting four inches off my hair. It is down my back over half way, so it take forever to dryl. I also really need to go on a diet, but I know that when I get the computer conversion done I will have a lot more time. November will be the time for catching up on taking care of myself, so I am looking forward to that.

Anything exciting going on that I have missed because I have been working so much?


Melchior del DariƩn said...

I have been working hard, too, and running around to such an extent that I consider myself lucky if at the end of a day I have managed to avoid any "absent-minded" moments. (Monday I could not for the life of me remember where I had left my bookbag, for example.)

Don't know when the next Final Crisis is due out; Revelations has been an enjoyable read, so far, but I feel like it's being dragged out a bit -- and I'm craving another issue of Legion of Three Worlds!

Sea-of-Green said...

Short hair RULES! I've had short hair all my life. It's so EASY to take care of and change around -- just slap on some gel or moose to dress it up, or not put anything in it at all for a more casual look. It's GREAT. Plus, if you ever get a haircut you don't like, all you gotta do is wait a month for it to grow out, and you can try something totally different! :-)

Don't mind me. I'm just stuck in bed sick with the flu.

Carl said...

I thought about writing you but cryptic one-liners are more fun:

1. My really cool job has turned into a nightmare "managed" by a mafia-style would-be boss and spineless jellyfish underlings.

2. I have a sub back at my shop.

3. I read Garth Ennis's "Crossed", I guess Avatar is the right place for him "unplugged" or "uncut".

4. I'm finding no "give-a-damns" in my inner mind-mail box about Final or any or Crisis/Special/War of any kind.

5. I love long hair or short hair on women as long as it fits, one gal I really liked decided a hardcore buzz was the way to go, ummm, not so much...

6. I attended Dragon*Con but posted very little about it, 'cause it was good, bad and ugly by turns-- perhaps my first and last D*C...

7. My eldest daughter is going to be Wonder Woman for Halloween, the younger, a vampire.

8. I wanted to do Frankenstein's Monster for Halloween but so far, not much luck.

9. I hope to attend Screamfest (Horror Con in Orlando) but might only get to go one or two days.

10. I have lost something like 22 to 25 pounds since I started my job, I would say yeah me, but with the way the job has become, I'd rather had the weight if it's going to be like this...

Welp, that's my news, other then the job and the disappointing stuff at D*C, all is well...

Sea-of-Green said...


I meant to write "mousse," not moose! Curse that Sarah Palin and her mooses!

Heidi Meeley said...

Melchior, it sounds like you have been very busy as well! You are working very hard! I relate to the "absent-minded" behaviour. I couldn't remember how to turn off my alarm yesterday morning, and I forgot to put my gym clothes back in the bag after working out this morning. It is scary,huh? :-)

I have been enjoying Legion of Three Worlds as well! You have great taste!

Take care of yourself, my friend!

Heidi Meeley said...

sea_of_green, firstly, I hope sincerely that you are feeling better! It stinks to be sick. Yucky!

I have only had short hair once, and it was in fourth or fifth grade. I cried because I had hair down to my waist, and my mom was sick of my hair having so many rats. Childhood trauma- LOL. I did like it, and for most of my life, my hair had been a bit below the shoulders.

The last four years have been so busy that my hair has progressively grown completely out of control. I hate it now. It is flat and lifeless, and it is so fine that it looks dirty way too fast. I don't know about short hair, but I am definitely in for shorter!

I do envy the easy upkeep of short hair. I know I will get there someday, because it would probably look decent and be fun to change. You have the right idea!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, thank you so much for that catch up! I was thinking about you, wondering how life was going. The weight loss is good, but if it is because of bad circumstances, maybe not so much. I will start checking your mySpace more so I can see your family dress up for Halloween! I have to work, so I don't get to have any fun!

Screamfest sounds fun- my hubby is jealous! He loves horror flicks.

I hope life improves soon, my friend. We are all way too busy and rushed these days!