Friday, January 02, 2009

New Comics for January 2

After a week of recapping the best and worst of 2008, and looking forward to 2009, it is back to business as usual. Here is the list of comic books coming out today, January 2.

Batman #684

Green Lantern #36

Justice League of America #28

Justice Society of America #22

Superman #683

Teen Titans #66

Captain America #45- cover pictured

Incredible Hercules #124

Ultimate X-Men #99

Wolverine #70

As you can see, my cutbacks are starting to take effect. For the next month or two, it will be reflected on my list. God willing, things will turn around a bit, and I can build back up, but for now, once the next couple of months kick in, I am only collecting five books.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful new year!


Yedna said...

I feel your pain. I've been trying to keep my comic book purchases to $6.00 per week. With a 20% subscriber discount through my local shop, this means 2 1/2 titles at $2.99 each every two weeks.

There's an excellent post regarding comic book inflation (including a chart detailing the yearly price increase from '77 to the present), here.

Nick said...

Hey least your still buying, me, I stopped after Dec. Going through my backlog now.

If you see of copy of Brubaker's Incognito though, I suggest it. The first issue is selling out like everywhere. The way it's been advertised it looks like it's gonna be as good as his past works like Sleeper, Criminal, etc.