Thursday, January 08, 2009

Random Thoughts and Musings

It is 7 p.m. and Jim and I are waiting for our DCBS order to come in. It is showing that it has been on a delivery truck since 6:59 a.m. this morning, so for 12 hours now, some poor UPS employee has been out trying to make deliveries. We are hoping to see the order soon as it contains all our comics for December, the last big month we have before the "five books a month" takes effect.

The hold up may be due to heavy flooding and high winds in our area. It has been a crazy last four weeks for weather. First we had below zero temperatures and snow, then more snow and ice. Last week was more snow and lots of ice, and now it is warm enough to flood us all. A friend lost their home today to flooding. They got there in the mid-afternoon and there was two feet of standing water. By the time they left, it was up to their waist. It is a terrible situation.

I truly feel that the economy has changed buying habits, and that includes comics. I look at myself as a prime example. I have been a diehard fangirl for years, and I have always found a way to keep collecting. It has only been the last six months that have realy told the tale. Right now money is so tight that the general population is focusing on having groceries and putting gas in the tank. This is truly the first time I can say that a hobby takes the back seat, and I feel that many other folks feel the same way. Reading your comments here and talking to some of you reinforces that.

Will I start getting more books down the road? Maybe, but probably not. The price is too high and I have other priorities. Once a person starts weaning themselves, it is truly possible to make that separation. My hubby and I focus on the books that we love now. We don't just try books out anymore. We can't take the risk.

On that note, I am going off to find dinner and relax a bit. The last two days at work have been especially busy so it is overdue. Have a wonderful evening!


Nick said...

Totally random but have you still been working out?

Before you use to blog about going to the gym almost every day?

Hadn't heard you talk about it in awhile, just curious.

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick! Totally valid question. I still hit the gym five days a week at a minimum, and still enjoy it. I have been so bitter about comics and economics I haven't even posted about it. Yikes. :-)

I still love it, and just entered a new contest with a great group of friends to keep me honest!

Thank you for asking!