Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts and Musings

Well, it's official. My New Year's resolution to blog more is in the toilet. I am mad at myself, and I can't see it getting better anytime soon. I am busy at work and frantically working out. I miss the days that I got home before 8 p.m. at night. It will improve sooner than later, especially with the days getting longer again. I hope to entice my hubby into going walking with me sometimes.

The economy sucks more than ever. When even Microsoft lays off people, you know times are tough. I just can't believe how bad unemployment is and am very thankful that I have a job. When I open the news in the morning and at night, I feel bombarded with new crappy news. I hope that all of you are being able to continue to have work, and that you are doing alright.

At this point, I am not worried about my comic book cutbacks. I am just thankful I can pay my bills. Someday I hope to catch up on back issues or get some new trades, but for the time being, at least I have the comfort that I can surf the 'net for free... at least for now.

How's it going for you? How are the comics buying habits? How are the local shops you frequent doing? I am very curious. Let me know if you have a chance.

Until than, take care.


Sea-of-Green said...

Well, Mr. Sea lost his job just before New Year's, so right now he's being a stay-at-home daddy for Mighty Mite -- and enjoying every minute of it. :-) Comic book purchases are kaput except for the occasional trade book, sad to say. I still have MY job, and we still have benefits, thank goodness, but we are having to be more frugal. :-(

Saranga said...

That's a bugger Sea :-( You guys seem to be having it worse in the States than we in the UK do, although every day the radio reports more job cuts or another company folding which is very depressing.

I haven't cut back my comic book buying habits because I figure my job is safe - as much as can be in a funded enviornment anyway. And I really don't want my shop to go under.

Eaglewing said...

Yeah, I may not like my job, but thank God I have one these days. It's bad news all about. Good luck with the long hours.

As for comics, I read a couple Garth Ennis trades - Ghost Rider Trail of Tears (Excellent story, loved the art), Fury MAX (another good story), and Punisher Barracuda (wild fun). Sure beats reading the newspaper.

Kirk Jarvinen said...

Looks like hard times are ahead for the independent comic book publishers with Diamond distributors raising their benchmark minimum from $1500 to $2500 to be carried in Diamond Previews.

Interesting how this policy change comes at the same time as initial Marvel's price increase, isn't it?

Is this really in response to the bad economy or actually a strategic move by the big dogs to control the market by dramatically eliminating their little dog competition?

I wonder how many of the Top 300 won't even qualify...

Thats a great idea guy said...

Chinese New Year was only last week, so its not too late to start up again.

I have 3 jobs.

James Meeley said...

Is this really in response to the bad economy or actually a strategic move by the big dogs to control the market by dramatically eliminating their little dog competition?

In truth, Kirk, I'd say it is probably a bit of both.

Heidi Meeley said...

Sea, I am so sorry to hear that! I am glad he is staying home with Mighty Mite- that sounds like a good thing. :-)

My hubby and I are in a similar situation, so I will think positive thoughts towards you! The current economy has made things tough, and made comics more of a luxury than ever before!

Take care!