Saturday, October 16, 2004

She Hulk: Buy This Book

Anyone out there who hasn't been reading She Hulk, but has been even slightly curious needs to pick that sucker up. This title is funny, irreverent, and 100% She Hulk. The way the character has been portrayed in the past has left this poor girl a laughing stock for all the wrong reasons. This newest title puts Jen in on the joke, where she should have been all along.

Issue 8 just hit the stands on Wednesday. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy- it is worth the price of admission.


Marcel Jansen said...

Hi Heidi,

although I'n not a great reader myself I find your post about "She Hulk" quit interresting. Last book I read was Snowcrash from Neil Stehphanson...ok...maby a little bit old but still describes the US as it is today (my opinion)

What is "She Hulk" and who wrote it...?


Heidi Meeley said...

Good question! She Hulk is the cousin of the Incredible Hulk Bruce Banner. He gave her a blood transfusion to save her life, which made her powerful like the hulk, but able to retain her intelligence.

The current title is being written by Dan Slott. He has a humorous take on She Hulk and her place in super hero existence. Before she received her transfusion She Hulk, nee Jennifer Walters was a lawyer by trade. She continues this profession in the present.