Saturday, October 23, 2004

Identity Crisis Theories

Hey All, thank you for the get well wishes. I am finally to the stage in my bronchitis where everything is breaking up, so hopefully rest this weekend will get me there.

I sat and reread the five Identity Crisis issues that are out. I also had a great discussion last night with a friend on some theories. These are some guesses towards the conclusion.

Potential Spoilers- don't go further if you haven't read this!

1. Events of issues five and six send Batman over the edge and he quits. In his absence, Dick (Nightwing) must take over the Bat cape. This sends newly orphaned Tim and his mentor Batgirl to Bludhaven for intensive training while Dick does his best Batman impression.

2. Nightwing and/or Alfred bite it, so Batman loses it and kills, or quite possibly, goes crazy.

3. The Suicide Squad are sick and tired of being seen as underachievers that are used at the government's whim, so they decide to make a statement by killing the super heroes' loved ones. Using technology from Cassandra (Oracle's) tenure there, they are back dooring her system and honing in on the most powerful and the minor league heroes to throw things off.

4. Look back at the first part of issue one. Clark and his parents are featured, as is Dick and Starfire. Also featured is Black Lightning and Katana and Tim and his dad. This can't be coincidence. Tim has seen his father's fate, so who is to say that the other heroes featured aren't next?

5. The villains kill Clark's parents, sending Superman over the edge. This is a wildcard, but after seeing them featured so prominently throughout, this wouldn't be a coincidence.

Any one else have any theories? At one of our local comic shops, we are going to have Identity Crisis discussion groups each Friday after the issue comes out. Should be pretty fun.

Thank you again for the well wishes. I am feeling way better then I did last week at this time. Amazingly I didn't miss any work, but I am sure that didn't speed my recovery.

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