Saturday, October 02, 2004

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts Concert

Last night Jim and I went and saw Joan Jett at the Central Washington State Fair. We were totally jacked about it, especially after our long work week. After battling traffic and inept parking attendents for a half hour, we finally got into the fairgrounds and grabbed a bite before getting our reserved seats. The crowd was an eclectic mix of cowboys, goth types, lesbians, and middle class yokels.

Joan and her band came on after the song "Won't be Fooled Again" by The Who played. Dressed in black leather, with her hair dyed black again, Joan was all business. Her band, which included a mix of young guys and the more seasoned and legendary Kenny Laguna, was tight as a drum. Every song drilled itself into my ears, as the band played with relentless agility.

Joan and the guys debuted several songs from their upcoming album Naked, due out next year. My favorite was the title track, which featured Joan at her nasty best. Her guitar chops are incredible, and her lead guitarist Dougie Needles complimented her perfectly. Dougie is young, skinny, and cute in that brooding rocker way. Needless to say, the girls in front of us were going insane for his sexy behind.

The show in itself was incredibly good. Joan and her band were in top form musically, and were worth every penny. I had never seen Joan live before, and was thrilled at the opportunity. I would gladly go see her again, and am going to go check on her website periodically for release dates of the new album. Favorite moment of the concert: Joan sang "Fetish" and a mom with two kids went running out. Call me sadistic, but I can't help wondering why you would take your young kids to see Joan? Hello People, this isn't Celine Dion - it's Joan Jett, the female Chuck Berry!

The downside: The most boring bunch of assholes on earth in the reserved seats. I was embarrassed to be a local at this concert. There were a good sized group of people who had come to dance and party, but the rest made me sad. Joan and Dougie asked a few times for the crowd to get up and rock, and there were people who wouldn't do it. They sat there poker-faced and wouldn't do more then clap at the end of songs. I get mad just thinking about it.

Low point of the concert: I was asked by security to sit down because the people behind me couldn't see. Two problems with that. 1. The chicks in front of me were standing up, which was fine with me, but I needed to stand as well to see. 2. I wanted to stand because I was there to get my freakin' ya-ya's out. I was so pissed that I was shaking, but I complied. I turned around like an ass and glared at the people behind me to boot .

We sat for about five songs, which must have bewildered Joan and her band, but when "I Love Rock N Roll" came on, all bets were off. Jim got on top of his seat, and the whole audience stood up and rocked it with the exception of the four killjoys behind us. I am normally a sensitive, kind person, but for once I just didn't care. The music was so incredible that I couldn't just sit there. I consider concerts an interactive experience, and it was obvious these people just didn't get it.

I would give the concert four stars and the killjoys a negative 10. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts put on a killer show.

Jim and I are tired and deaf this morning, but also insanely happy because we finally were able to buy Joan's greatest hits album and some great t-shirts. Our town doesn't get many concerts, and certainly no rock acts. To have Joan in our local vicinity was a great treat to be sure.

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