Friday, October 29, 2004

Halloween Party last night at the Comic shop

Last night the comic shop my husband works for, Ron's Coin & Book, held a comic book appreciation night with a costume contest. In past events they have had anywhere from 15 to 25 people, but last night was exceptional, as there were around 44 customers and friends that attended.

Artist Clayton Crain, who drew a story arc of Darkness, the Venom Vs. Carnage mini-series, and Top Cow's Tom Judge maxi-series Universe, was there. He was extremely gracious, spending time with fans talking and telling antecdotes. He also did a sketch that was given to the winner of the art contest. My husband's high point was that Clayton did a Kyle Rayner sketch for him, which I hope to post sometime in the next few days.

There were only six people that dressed up for the costume contest, and two were cute little girls who wore bunny suits. I was disapointed at the lack of participation, but am thinking that maybe people were worried they would be the only one. The winner wore a Kitty Pryde Shadowcat outfit that was outstanding. The really impressive thing is that she sewed it and put it together in one afternoon. Too cool. Her partner in crime came dressed as former Generation X member Chamber. Rounding out the group was myself dressed as "Super Wife" and Jim's buddy Corey dressed as Captain Kirk. He had it down pat, right to the boots!

It was a fun evening which I hope becomes an annual event. Any chance to get the comic fans in town together is always a blast. There was a trivia contest that my husband created, and there was a great art contest.

Do any of your local shops do anything like this?

Happy Friday All!

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