Sunday, October 31, 2004

Quick Shot Reviews

I read some titles that I wanted to point out this week.

Solo #1: Tim Sale
Man, what an incredible look at a great talent. The pricey book at $4.95 featured stories written by Jeph Loeb, Diana Schutz, and Brian Azzarello and illustrated by above mentioned Sale. The book is filled with touching tale after the other. If you want to treat yourself, go pick this up and give it a look.

Wonder Woman #209
The fight for the embassy between Medousa and Wonder Woman takes place in this issue. Greg Rucka has the meter turned up to gut wrenching here, and the main battle hasn't even went down yet. Next issue it's Medousa vs the Amazon Princess for all the peanuts.

Strangers in Paradise #69
A turning point issue, with focuses on Francine, Katchoo, and Casey. This book never ceases to touch me, no matter what mood I am when I pick it up. Here is my plea: If you have never read Strangers in Paradise, run out and grab a trade or a pocketbook edition. It is worth the price of admission and then some.

Catwoman #36 and Batman #633
The end of the War Games drama. Between the events here and over in Identity Crisis, I am fascinated to see what shakes out, especially with Tim Drake. The inevitable and unthinkable happens, as Batman sacrifices another member to the war against crime.

Birds of Prey #75
Heading off into a totally new direction after the events in said above War Games drama, the Birds have a new, more global agenda. How this will affect the book's popularity is anyone's guess.

The Flash #215
Holy Crap! It's an Identity Crisis tie in. Actually, this is a particularly compelling story, with Wally facing up to his Uncle Barry's actions. How this goes down next issue, is anyone's guess.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #1
I refuse to say anything about this issue, lest the HEATer's find me and make my life hell.

X-Men #163
This book is rudderless with Austen ending his run next issue. Larroca's art is the consistent piece of the puzzle.

I have several more titles to read this week, so I am off to go relax and catch up.

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