Monday, May 16, 2005

Catching Up

I am having a lot of sadness today. A good friend and mentor passed away yesterday, and I just found out. Granted, she was older and had a lot of health issues, but I will miss her spirit. Godspeed Meg!

My grandma, who was paralyzed by polio in the late 1950's had a close call Friday, and had to go to the hospital. She is home again, but is miserable with pain. She has osteoporosis and arthritis, and her poor spine is terribly curved. I am praying for her to feel better, or go be with God.

Sigh. I know that life and death are a fact that we must deal with, but it doesn't make it any easier.

I don't know when I will get the new comic book list up- maybe tonight, maybe not until tomorrow. Take care all, and give your loved ones an extra hug for me.


Carl said...

Really sorry to hear this. Would have posted earlier but I'm getting to point of not knowing what to say. Words are pretty empty. Hope things are better today...

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you Carl! I appreciate the moral support.

Things are better today, and tomorrow being Friday makes it better. Jim and I are going to the Seattle Con, so that will be a great chance to have some fun.

I figure I just have to take the good with the bad sometimes. I am a glass half full person, so I always try to look at the positive.

Take care!