Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New Comics for May 18

I am starting to think this is not my week. I just got home from work, and there was a notice in my mail box that I had my six month check up at the dentist office at 4 p.m today. Thanks a lot- great way to give me notice. Anyway, that means I missed it and I am going to have to call in tomorrow and beg them not to charge me some weird fee.

Otherwise, here is a list of comics I am picking up this week.

Conan #16
Authority Revolution #8 (of 12)
Batman Gotham Knights #65
Birds of Prey #82
Hawkman #40
JLA Classified #7
Manhunter #10
Robin #138
Seven Soldiers Guardian #2 (of 4)
Superman #217
Teen Titans #24
Lions Tigers & Bears #4 - the coolest thing running right NOW
Black Panther #4
Cable Deadpool #15
Hercules #2 (of 5)
Marvel Knights 4 #18
New Thunderbolts #8
New X-Men #14
Ultimate X-Men #59
Uncanny X-Men #459
Wolverine #28
Young Avengers #4

Quick aside- the letters page in this week's issue of Young Avengers is dedicated to refuting my hubby's letter from last issue. It was all pretty civil, so as his loving wife, I was quite relieved.

Next week I am really looking forward to THE RETURN OF DONNA TROY by my favorites- Jimenez, Perez, and Garcia-Lopez!!

Take care all!

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