Sunday, May 29, 2005

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #1

I posted this over at 4 Color Review, but want to post it here as well. I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy
I honestly looked forward to this book so much that I am sitting here left empty. It reminds me of the way I felt when I read DC Countdown. There was so much hype and expectation that when the actual book came out, I couldn’t bring myself to make an honest assessment of it. DC Special #1 is no exception.

The book is visually perfect. Each panel is lovingly rendered by the artistic dream team of Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez and George Perez. In fact, the art is so startlingly wonderful that it completely took away from my ability to concentrate on the story being told within. I don’t know if that is good or bad, but it was definitely distracting.

I don’t know whether to envy writer Phil Jimenez or wish him an aspirin. Working with such incredible talent is such an honor, but also such a challenge. Phil is the man I most trust with Donna’s back story other then Marv Wolfman, so I know he is the right person for the job, but bringing back Donna in the midst of DC’s event of the year has got to be downright intimidating.

The cover is a collector’s item in itself. Jimenez outdid himself, and the inks by Perez are superb. Featuring the new DC logo, it is the most eye catching cover on stands this week. That makes it even more of a challenge for the reader to focus on the actual story.

I am giving the book two thumbs up for visual representation, but want to reserve judgment on the story itself until issue two comes out. I don’t say this lightly, or without some qualms, but want to make the right call.

If you are on the fence about buying this issue, the only guidance I could give is that the art is A+. Also, the story ties into the Infinity Crisis story that will be told this Fall, and from all indications, Donna Troy will play a pivotal role, so this gives an opportunity to be on the ground floor of it.

Let me know what you think- I am very curious!


Carl said...

I read it yesterday. I was happy to see her coming back but...... it was just too damned busy! It hurt my head to try to take in the millions of details of each page and concentrate on the story. Maybe I shouldn't have read it at the shop either. But it's getting so if I don't want an important issue spoiled, I have to read it right there. Hopefully it will have calmed down in the 2nd book like you said. Later...

Heidi Meeley said...

I am hoping that issue two is easier to deal with for sure. Issue #1 hurt my head. I read another reviewer say that there was too much color (lots of brights and contrasts) and too much story and that it distracted from the tale being told. I totally agree with that assessment.

It is rather distressing that the first issue wasn't quite up to snuff, but hopefully the rest of the mini-series will deal with where Donna is headed and how she fits into the big picture. After Wonder Woman and Power Girl, I have always had a special regard for the Donna Troy character, and would like to see her streamlined and simplified. I am sure it hurts her head as well!

Thanks for checking in Carl! I suspect you are busy as normal, and it was nice to hear from you!