Sunday, May 22, 2005

Seattle Comicard Show

We just got back from the Seattle Comicard Show, and we really enjoyed it. It wasn't as heavily attended as some in the past, but the group that was there was buying and having fun. It was the usual hardcore suspects, and the level of camraderie and politeness was higher then at most other cons I have gone to.

I got an incredible sketch of Big Barda by Marshall Rogers and bought a page of Green Arrow 75 by Rick Hoberg. My hot comic book purchase of the day was Justice League of America #3. What an awesome coup!! I also bought several old school Wildcats comics and some various issues to fill in runs on other titles.

John Layman and Tom Peyer were sharing a table, and appeared to be having a nice time. They were nice enough to share that they both have books coming out during the House of M crossover at Marvel. John's book is House of M: Fantastic Four, and it looks insanely beautiful. Tom is doing House of M: Spider-Man and it sounds wonderful as well!

I will have more to share later, but wanted to let you to know we made it back in one piece!

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