Sunday, July 31, 2005

Devil's Rejects Is A Sensation!

Last night, we went to see "The Devil's Rejects" the latest horror movie by Rob Zombie. I begrudgingly tagged along since I wasn't a big fan of his first film "House of 1,000 Corpses", but am so glad I did now.

Filled with "Is It Really ?_____?" moments, Rejects is a perfect example of how to make the ultimate 1970's horror film today. Sid Haig, master of the "B" movie plays a lead, and milks it for all it's worth. Another stand-out is Shari Moon-Zombie, as Baby. Her maniacal, wicked laugh set the tone for creepiness. Pricilla Barnes of Three's Company fame took a daring turn in her role as a terrorized captive, and came out smelling like a rose. I also swear I saw Ginger Lynn on top of Haig's character giving him the biggest nightmare and fantasy of his career.

My friends and I loved the film, and could hardly believe how well it played to us. We also noticed that the younger crowd hated every minute. Next to us, two rude wenches in their early 20's bitched and moaned the entire time, saying how horrible the movie was. Also, behind me a group of drama queens and their boyfriends kept squealing with horror. They didn't understand that this was Sid "Freaking" Haig. There wasn't the perception of a new golden age in horror. They were here for "Scream 4" and they didn't get it.

If you loved old school horror films and are in the mood for something a little different, give "The Devil's Rejects" a try. If you don't know who the characters are, don't even bother, because you will not get it.


LLPogoLessons said...

You are terrible at reviewing movies and we would all be blessed if you never tried it again. By the way, you're just jealous that you're no longer in your early twenties, minga. I'm embarrassed to be a huge fan of that movie now because you liked it.

Heidi Meeley said...

I am sorry to hear you didn't like my review. Maybe you could do one of your own, and I could read it so I could learn a thing or two.

Thanks for your comment.