Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry Potter Day!

I woke up this morning to the greatest surprise- my Harry Potter book had arrived on UPS. I have been reading it since I woke up with about an hour's break to run errands with Jim. It is absolutely incredible, and I am reluctantly taking a break at chapter 24 to make dinner and check news reports from the San Diego Con.

I am not going to post any spoilers here, as I want everyone to enjoy the book on their own terms. I am already extremely upset that over at some poster put up a spoiler that almost threatened to ruin my enjoyment.

Take care all and have a wonderful Saturday!


Carl said...

Welp, not been around much, read a few comics at the store, but that's about it. I finished the new Harry Potter earlier this evening. Truthfully? I hated it. It was flowing along and then the ending came and it hurt the book for me so bad..... at this time, I could care less about book 7. It was like the other HP books and then suddenly the big scene and.... nothing. No big climax, no measure of merited justice just the incident and no serious satifaction or sense of accomplishment by the characters. Also I was very irked by everyone seeming to put on dunce caps while Harry kept warning them about known offenders doing bad things. "You are just over-reacting Harry!" Which I thought had changed since at the beginning of this book how everyone admitted he was right all the times before. Though I did derive some cool satifaction in all the characters describing the things that happen and Harry saying, yes, I told you that was going on."
So, basically, I didn't like this new book. I don't know what "polishing" J.K. Rowling did for this book that took so long, but if this is the result, I pray she doesn't do the same for the final and 7th book...

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, I missed your presence here!I was sorry to hear you didn't like the new Harry Potter very much. I can see your point though, that it seemed anti-clamatic at times when compared with books four and five. I just got done rereading the whole series, and it is a lot to live up to.

I don't envy J.K. Rowling. She has a lot to live up to in the last book, and a great deal of caring and committed fans who are already eagerly anticipating it. She has also had her share of criticisms, so I wonder where her head is at now?

How are things otherwise?

Take care!