Sunday, July 31, 2005

Top 5 Favorite Comic Books- Incredible Hulk 417

Incredible Hulk 417
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When I first met my husband, he bought me Incredible Hulk #417 and told me I had to read it. My first thought was "Isn't Hulk a dude's comic?" and my second was "Why not?", so I gave it a try. Believe it or not, based on the strength of this one issue, I went and collected the entirety of Peter David's run on the book. I also learned that The Incredible Hulk comic is for everybody, especially the fragile and different. This title is definitely my cup of tea.

At any rate, Incredible Hulk showcases the pre-wedding activity and bachelor party of Rick Jones, former sidekick to Captain America and lifelong friend to the Hulk. From Rick meeting his fiance Marlo's mother to the dagger looks thrown between War Machine and Iron Man, every panel of this issue is a sensation. I fell in love with Betty Ross, Bruce Banner's estranged wife, and felt sympathy towards Marlo, the bride-to-be. I also could hardly stop laughing long enough to say "Holy Crap" as I read the issue.

Incredible Hulk #417 is definitely the calm between storms in a title long associated with angst and destruction. It is a soothing balm that sets up expert characterization and flawless humor for issues to come. The art by Gary Frank and Cam Smith is a bonus to an already great book. Frank was a great partner to David and I wish they would work together again.

This is a must-have issue. If you have never read the title, or had given up for whatever reason, this comic book appeals to all readers. I loved every page, and still read it frequently to this day.

I have seen the issue for between $3.00 and $4.00 in most back bin issues. It is a small price to pay to have a piece of comic book mastery.


Heidi Meeley said...

I agree. I couldn't find any flaws with it. I must have read it 25 times when I was planning my own wedding five years ago. It definitely eased the tension and made me think to myself "At least it's not as bad as Rick and Marlo's wedding"!!

Unknown said...

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