Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Random Thoughts and Musings

Today was comic book day, so when we went to pick up our books I wasn't surprised to find that there was a problem with one box not showing up. Fortunately, it only affected three titles for me rather then the usual dozen, so that was relieving. The bad news is that I have to go back again tomorrow for the others. What a pain in the butt. I can tell Diamond is real concerned about my comic book store. My owner is planning so send back every comic that doesn't sell by Monday back to counter this mess. I will once again keep you posted.

I have some links of interest I would like to bring to your attention. Some you may have seen and loved already; others may be new. Bear with me as I go down the line.

The coolest thing going is Redhead Fangirl's favorite redhead's countdown. Every day this month she is featuring a different redhead of note. This is really excellent reading, so go check it out!

Over at Spandex Justice, Vincent muses about "Miss Martian or When Artists Go Wrong". He makes some good points. As a longtime Titans fan, I really appreciate his insight.

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking gives us the lowdown about late books and how late they really are. It is a post I really appreciate, as I know I am not the only customer who walks into a shop and can't believe how late something is but not be able to back up exactly HOW LATE. She also points out a nudity slip in her post "Full Monty". Grown ups run over there and get informed so you know what the kiddies might see! I was shocked with Marvel's blatant panel!

Loren at One Diverse Comic Book Nation has a great weekly feature where he names his week's haul and gives pre-purchasing opinions about titles of interest. I love this, and am hooked- every week I will be sneaking over and taking a look.

Ink Destroyed My Brush is a favorite blog of mine. Charles has a great review of DC's New Frontier. Take a look- it is very concise and informative.

I should have went over to Comics Should Be Good before I did my Wizard rant. The esteemed Greg Burgas has his take on the Wizard Year End awards, and his is much better then mine. Take a look to see the wit and intelligence. As someone who has been fortunate enough to meet Greg, I really appreciate his opinion.

I am in blogoverse heaven tonight reading all this great material. It is nice to know there are so many quality, diverse people out there making their opinions known and letting the rest of us in on the great and not-so-great books and goings on in the comic universe.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link again! I feel bad for your comic book shop. Diamond probably won't give them any kind of refund on returns, that's unfortunately NOT how they work. It doesn't matter that they lost a box, they "regret the error." I'm sure they "rushed" them the missing box, or a duplicate of it. The store owner can clean off the shelf, but Diamond will only chuckle when they receive it, not give any kind of refund.

I wanted to send back the 20 copies of the Wizard Movie Special that I received without having ordered them, for the third consecutive year, letting them know that I must have received someone else's order since I know I did NOT order them. But, I know they'd just laugh at me behind my back saying, "silly retailer, we hold all the cards! Muuuhhhhaaaaa ha ha!"

Heidi Meeley said...

Loren- I really enjoyed it a great deal. It made me wish I had thought of it!! :-)

Your blog is one of my daily stops now- thank you!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa- no problem, I enjoy checking your blog out. It is very informative, and you always bring up good points.

My retailer was on the phone with Diamond today and didn't get results, so he is pretty frustrated. The rest of the books came in, and he took an inventory right away. I am with you that it probably will do no good to fight, but he is planning to try.

That is the pits about the Movie Special. The fact that they didn't respond to your needs just infuriates me. It makes me wish I could win the lottery and set up a competitor that would concentrate on customer service!!

Having a monopoly as the distributor is the worst!

Thank you for the great insight- once again it is really appreciated.

RedheadFangirl said...

Wow, with all that good bloggin' stuff I feel honored to have the 'coolest thing'. Thanks lady!

Heidi Meeley said...

Greg- I am so sorry! That is soooo embarassing! It was a pleasure to meet you, and I feel bad to have made this error.

Thank you for being so kind about it. I am going to go back to "Comics Should Be Good" and get myself straightened out!

Take care!

Heidi Meeley said...

Redhead- I appreciate your redhead tribute- it is something new and exciting and I am really enjoying it!

Take care

Anonymous said...

heidi, thanks for all the kind words. I really appreciate it! So nice to see that people actually take the time to look at the blog.

Hope that the snow isn't too bad up north! Nice scans on the All Star cover by the way

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the kind words as well! Both my hubby and I try and make your blog a daily stop. We really enjoy what you have to say.

Take care!