Friday, May 11, 2007

Random Thoughts and Musings

I was so bad tonight! I skipped working out and went to Red Lobster with Jim. It was so good, but I am going to pay for it tomorrow. I would guess that there is a great deal of cardio in my future!! It was kinda fun to do something different, but a bit reckless considering I am trying to diet so hard.

This week my fellow bloggers were right on top of things, posting thought provoking posts that made me a bit jealous- I wish I had thought of it! One of the best things about being around the blogosphere is that I have found so many wonderful people to interact with.

A belated "Congratulations!!" to Laura at Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog for her incredible weight loss! She continues to inspire me with her level-headed approach to a new lifestyle. I'm not worthy!

Mark at Comic Coverage once again amazes me with his brilliance by sharing an old letter to the editor from back in the day! I couldn't believe the coolness factor of this. You have got to go have a look.

I got a bit of a chuckle from reading a post about Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym over at Ye Olde Comick Book Blog. I had forgotten how the couple was replayed back in the day to be honest. The last volume of The Ultimates had superceded it in my mind. It was interesting to go back in time for a moment.

Devon at Seven Hells! has many questions to make us all think. A bit tongue-in-cheek, but very thought provoking in that unexpected way!

One of my favorite bloggers, Lisa at Sequentially Speaking is on fire this week. She points out a disturbing new Mary Jane statue and has a weird Sue Storm experience. Lisa, you are one busy lady!

Vaklam at Noetic Concordance shows off kick-ass Thor covers and reviews some of the free comics. I am loving it!

That is it tonight! Short and sweet, my friends. I am off to go lay on the couch, drink a cocktail, and feel remorse over dinner! Take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi! Thanks for the link!

I know too well the guilt trips associated with visits to Red Lobster...but over time I've realized it's a good "mental release"...which can be as important as the physical work involved in a healthier lifestyle. I think the occasional "fun nights" contribute to keeping us in this for the long haul, if only to keep things from getting too bleak (a man doesn't live on carrot sticks alone).

You know what's really cool, though? Now that you're being so good to yourself, aren't the rare visits to places like Red Lobster just a HUGE treat now? It's like when you're watching your calories and exercising, sweets and the occasional "excess" never tasted so good. Has that been your experience?

In any case, just get back on the horse (or treadmill...or weight bench) tomorrow and keep going.

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, you speak true here! It did feel good to go to Red Lobster and have the shrimp fettucine without too much guilt. I have been craving it for months! Now I just have to go be good for awhile and then I can do it again sometime down the road!

Thank you!