Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Unexpected Team Up??? Spider-Man and Red Sonja

Spider-Man Red Sonja 1
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When I went to check Marvel's August solicitations I was surprised to find that Dynamite Entertainment and Marvel are pairing up Spider-Man and Red Sonja for a 5 issue mini-series. For whatever reason, these two were the last characters on earth I would think of having a team up. Wolverine and Red Sonja? Yep. Iron Man and Red Sonja? Saucy! Captain America and Red Sonja? Hmmm... could work because both are warriors of sort.



I am picturing the dialogue now:

Spidey: "Grrghh... hem... my wife has red hair."
Red Sonja: "You are insolent and must pay."
Spidey: "Do they make those bikinis in her size or is this custom, cuz you know, Mary Jane would look pretty good..."
Red Sonja: "Die now, bug."

Much fighting ensues...


Seriously, this looks like it could be pretty interesting. With Mike Oeming on scripts and Mel Rubi on pencils, I am anticipating a great thrill ride. Here is the official listing, courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Penciled by MEL RUBI
The wise-cracking Wall-Crawler collides with the She-Devil with a Sword! Longtime Marvel readers know that these two legends have met before -- but that was just the warm-up! They may be from two different eras, but Spider-Man and Red Sonja have both faced the maniacal mage known as Kulan Gath. Now the sadistic sorcerer makes a play for power that will once again bring these two famous heroes together -- but will it be as friends or foes? Writer Michael Avon Oeming (OMEGA FLIGHT, Red Sonja) and Mel Rubi (Red Sonja) - plus series cover artist Michael Turner (CIVIL WAR) - answer the eternal question: What's better in a fight, the proportional strength and speed of a spider, or cold, hard steel and a chain-mail bikini?
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99
RED SONJA TM & © 2007 RED SONJA LLC. DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT TM & © 2007 DFI. www.dynamiteentertainment.com"

What do you think? My weakest point so far is the Michael Turner variant. I would have rather had the interior artist do them.

ADDENDUM: My hubby tells me that they have teamed up before in Marvel Team Up #79. I think I will have to take a look at that!


Thats a great idea guy said...

This is a sign of how the 90's are cool again.

Swinebread said...

How is that?

Heidi Meeley said...

Hey there! I am getting used to the idea of a team up and am actually pretty excited to see it. I can imagine that fireworks will ensue before the real butt kicking can begin.

My mission at the Seattle Comicard Show on June 3 will be to get a copy of their first team up. That way I can get a better idea of how it went!

After much pondering, I am pretty psyched about this!

Carl said...

Actually, that original comic came out in the late '70s, I have it in my collection. It was a pretty good issue, written by the Chris Claremont, John Byrne and Terry Austin back in their heyday, you know, before all the "Byrne-evil". The whole way they get Sonja in '70s era NYC is to have MJ possessed by her when some weirdness happens at a museum Peter and MJ are at. You can see the cover here:


Swinebread said...

That's why I was wondering why "This is a sign of how the 90's are cool again"

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, thanks for the info! I can't wait to check out the book itself. It sounds pretty cool!

Heidi Meeley said...

Swinebread, it makes me wonder if the '90's are coming back if the book was published in the late '70's. Hmmm...

What do you think?

Swinebread said...

Maybe it’s 70s style/content with a 90s edge… Red Sonja is very 70s. You’ve seen the picture of Wendy Pini dressed as Red Sonja right?


Wolfy said...

I just can't see a goody two-shoes like Spiderman teaming up with Red Sonja, who enjoys kicking serious butt. Not when she says, "When I see something I like, I take it. And, if anybody gets in my way, I kill them."

For some great art featuring Red Sonja, check out "Legend Of Red Sonja" link on Werewolfking's Howl, www.werewolfking.blogspot.com