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New Comic Book Previews of Interest

Wonder Woman Annual #1
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After checking out DC's advance solicitations for September, I am pretty eager for summer to be over, and it hasn't even officially started. Some of the things coming up make me a bit questioning, while others evoke an eagerness for the book to come out already!

To start things out, the final installment of "Who is Wonder Woman" is coming out as Wonder Woman Annual #1. It's about damn time, but I will believe it when I see it. Here are the specs:

Written by Allan Heinberg
Art by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson
and Gary Frank & Jonathan Sibal
Cover by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson
At long last, the climactic, extra-length chapter of “Who is Wonder Woman?”, the story that launched the WONDER WOMAN monthly! In this arc's conclusion, the combined forces of Wonder Woman's transformed rogues gallery declare an all-out war on the amazing Amazon, compelling Wonder Woman to mend fences and join forces with Donna Troy and Wonder Girl if she's going to survive to answer the question: “Who is Wonder Woman?”
And if the return of Allan Heinberg and Terry Dodson isn't enough, there's also an all-new backup by Heinberg and the upcoming art team of ACTION COMICS, Gary Frank & Jonathan Sibal, featuring the secret origins of Wonder Woman, Donna Troy, Wonder Girl, Sarge Steel and Nemesis! All questions will be answered, all secrets revealed!
On sale September 26 • 48 pg, FC, $3.99 US "

There is another book coming out that really intrigues me. It is a Countdown tie-in that involves the search for Ray Palmer, and stars Donna, Kyle, and Jason. A tour of the multiverses sounds incredibly cool.

Written by Ron Marz
Art by Paco Herrera
Cover by Arthur Adams
The Search for Ray Palmer truly kicks into high gear, as Kyle Rayner, Donna Troy and Jason Todd scour the Multiverse for the former Atom, who just might hold the key to saving reality from a crisis of unparalleled proportions. The trio's first stop: the Wildstorm Universe, where they come face-to-face with an entirely different -- and entirely more lethal -- brand of heroes. Wildstorm's finest are all here, including The Authority and Gen13, and they don't prepare a warm welcome for their visitors! The tour of the new DC Multiverse begins here!
On sale September 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US"

Suicide Squad is coming back and it has John Ostrander writing and the super hot art team from Manhunter, Javier Pina and Robin Riggs along for the ride. As long as we have been waiting for the inevitable return, seeing the creative team makes it even more thrilling.

Written by John Ostrander
Art by Javier Pina & Robin Riggs
Cover by John K. Snyder
When original Suicide Squad member Rick Flag Jr. returned from the dead in the pages of CHECKMATE, it blew open a brand-new espionage mystery for the DC Universe! In this eagerly awaited miniseries by legendary Squad writer John Ostrander (WORLD WAR III), it’s revealed how Flag survived a nuclear blast while battling terrorism in Qurac — as his hard path home takes him from Skartaris to Dubai and into the hands of dueling commanders Amanda Waller and General Wade Eiling. Their power struggle reveals surprising secrets from their pasts — even as a new Suicide Squad is created to play a key role in the DCU’s ever-evolving future!
On sale September 12 • 1 of 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US Edited by Joan Hilty"

In extremely disturbing news, it looks like Kyle Rayner is going to be put through the ringer again. The Sinestro Corps may be taking him to a place I don't want him to go. I am debating on panicking now or waiting until later. Here is what it says:

Written by Ron Marz
Art by Adriana Melo & Marlo Alquiza
Cover by Mike McKone & Andy Lanning
Get ready for a new series of specials focusing on members of the Sinestro Corps and tying into the “Sinestro Corps War” crossover! In this initial installment, the writer who introduced Kyle, Ron Marz, dissects what led Kyle to his downfall and explains the Parallax entity.
On sale September 19 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US"

Finally, the Teen Titans from the future are back, and it doesn't look like they are playing nice. This should be pretty fascinating to behold.

Written by Sean McKeever
Art by Alé Garza & Marlo Alquiza
Cover by Alé Garza & Scott Williams
The Titans of Tomorrow are here today! The super-popular future Titans are arrive in our present time , and they’ve already taken out the Justice League. What crucial historical event are they here to stop — or contribute to?
On sale September 26 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US"

Head over to Newsarama for the full skinny on other books coming out. I am going to sit here and contemplate the fate of some of my favorite characters and start placing bets on if the Wonder Woman Annual actually ships.


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Elayne, you are very welcome! Mucho thanks and hugs to you and your talented hubby! I was really happy to see his name, along with Javier Pina's on the upcoming Previews!