Saturday, June 02, 2007

Seattle ComiCard Convention Tomorrow!

If you are in the Seattle area tomorrow, head over to Seattle Center by the Space Needle and attend the Comicard Show! The hubby and I are both going to be there, and are quite excited to see friends and new acquaintances.

There are always nice people and great deals at this show. It is a smaller show, but it also allows for a lot more opportunity to talk shop and look for books.

QEW Publishing will be there, as will several guests, including the very talented Ben Hansen. Check out his amazing work.

Today we swelter in the heat. Tomorrow we head over to one of the funnest shows around! Hope to see you there!


Lisa said...

Did you interview Ben for your blog a while back? His name seems familar. GREAT artwork - does he do commissions?

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, yes I did interview Ben. Great eye! He has just finished pencilling a mini-series titled Dark Powers that will be published by Angel Gate Press early next year. His art is really progressing, and I am very impressed by him.

He does indeed do commissions. I will have to find out what he charges and I will get back to you! His work is beautiful, and Jim got him to do three different sketches at the show. He is fast and detailed!!

Lisa said...

His artwork is great - I'd love to get a commission from him, so definately let me know.