Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Thoughts and A Sense of Wonderment

Today was a gorgeous day at Casa Meeley so most of it was spent doing errands, being out and about, or just hitting the gym for some iron pumping. When I got home tonight, I checked out my "Is This Gratuitous" post and was really excited about the responses I got. Then I checked my links and found that two other sites had made comments based on it. Wow. I struck a nerve, and that is cool. I am totally fine with people not agreeing with me, as I am happy to enjoy the First Amendment to the fullest. If you want to go check out the other opinions, they are as follows:

The Fandementalist with "Satana: evil = big knockers"
Occasional Superheroine with "She's Satan's Daughter- She's Supposed to be Bad"

I was not familiar with The Fandementalist before today, so I don't know the story there, but I have admired Occasional Superheroine and her journey for awhile, so it was a bit surreal to be linked by her. Cheers!

In other news, I went and signed up for P.O.W.E.R. in Comics today. I am really excited about this, and am planning to spend some time there when I am done with my post here. Lisa, you are amazing to me! Your idea to start this is so fantastic!

Speaking of fantastic, I found out that Swinebread from Atomic Romance was on the Ramblin'
Rod show back in the day. Man, that is so incredible! Back in Portland growing up, that was the show all the kids wanted to be on, and Swinebread, being the guy he is was actually on for his birthday. Man, I am still jealous about that!

Devon from Seven Hells! contemplates a DC Comics Presents issue that I loved back in the day. Superman and eight "forgotten heroes" team up in a crazy issue. Go check out his post.

Not much more to tell other then that I am ruminating on a new feature for my blog that has nothing to do with covers to speak of, or industry gossip. More on that tomorrow.

Thank you for all the comments on this week's gratuitous feature. As a flashback, here is a look at the first time I did it! For the record, I still think the shot of Raven's ass is overdone!

Take care and have a wonderful Saturday night! I am off to watch Metal Mania and read the Planet Hulk back issues!


Lea said...

I'm still trying to figure out whether Fandamentalist is a satirical blog or a serious one. Whether that says something about my social intelligence, or about the climate in the non-feminist comics blogosphere, or both, I'll never know.

Heidi Meeley said...

Lea, I am not sure myself, so I guess that puts me in the same boat. I am leaning towards satirical at this point in time, but Fandementalist may throw me for a loop tomorrow.

Good point!

Fandementalist, are you out there?

Swinebread said...

Sorry I missed this post the first time around.

It was fun to be on the show.