Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Thoughts and Rants

Today Jim got a phone call here at home from our local comic book retailer. They received in 2/3's of the books today. Jim took the bus downtown and picked up what he could. We are still missing Checkmate for me and Boneyard for him, but otherwise were able to pick up most of the books. That was a relief but the bad news is that we still need to make another trip downtown tomorrow. You see, if we don't pick up our books the first day, there is a large chance that our file will be pilfered and we will miss some of our stuff. When the staff pulls files, the books are all out on the front counter. If they don't get to ours right away, there is a good chance that some of our "special" stuff will be gone. I am not even going to go down that rant field because it makes me so frustrated!

In good news, my alma mater Oregon State is in the College World Series finals! Woo hoo! We are all hoping for a championship, so we can have back-to-back titles. You can pretty much guess where my attention will be this weekend!

When I was perusing blog@Newsarama, I stumbled upon a very cool post by Mark Engblom of Comic Coverage. It is titled "I Love(actually a heart sign) Opposite Numbers". I was really thrilled to see Mark there, and his post was excellent. Go check it out!

Lisa at Sequentially Speaking has an important post about the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and it's need for donations to help pay for Gordon Lee's unfortunate court battle. Check out the full post to learn more, and give some dinero if you can. Now is the time to pledge to battle censorship in it's most heinous form.

Jim and I had a strange but true conversation about the cover of Justice League of America #10. We both mentioned that Power Girl's breasts were remarkably toned down on the Turner cover from what we had seen on the internet. It was a laugh so you don't cry moment when we realized that we both noticed it for the same reason- because we had read so much about the cover on the internet. I guess we both officially need some kind of mental help. Yikes.

I looked at Flash and JLA so that I could quit avoiding spoilers. The next to last page of Flash made me choke back tears. Wow. What a moment that was. I was considerably more underwhelmed by the conclusion of the "Lightning Saga". It felt rushed and it was hard to stay in the moment. Maybe if I read it in one sitting it will resonate more. My conclusion to the whole thing was to "wait and see" what happens. Will there be a big payoff? There better be after the events in these two books.

That's it for tonight! I am off to read the books I did get and try not to be pissed about having to make another trip tomorrow. Arrgghh!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you finally got (most of) your books, and that you liked my "opposite numbers" column. It was fun putting it together, and nice to be asked to do one by the blog@ crew. It's great to be able to blubber on about this silly stuff to people that actually care about it.

As for the Flash and JLA issues, what a week. I thought Bart's death was pretty classless, despite not having strong feelings about the character either way. JLA was one heck of a rollercoaster ride for me. Though I'm disappointed by the outcome (no Barry), there are enough intriguing clues and strange goings-on that there's surely more to come.

Have fun cheering on the ol' alma mater!

Heidi Meeley said...

Mark, I did really enjoy your blog@ entry. It was really informative and fun at the same time!

Bart's demise still hasn't set in for me. I am going to have to read the issue again, as well as the JLA one. I loved your post about Barry, and was a bit disappointed when he didn't come back as well. You did a great job!

I will be having a beer and probably some kind of high calorie snack tomorrow while I cheer on OSU. I am really excited! Go Beavs!

Thank you Mark! Have a great weekend!

skullduggery said...

I don't know where you live, but it sounds like you need a new comic shop.
Have you ever considered going with an online service? Or at least supplementing your purchases at your LCS with an online service.
I have a great local shop that I've been using for years and years. But within the past year I started ordering some stuff online because I could get a better discount on it. There was a lot of stuff that I was interested in getting (mostly trades), but I couldn't quite justify buying it at cover price (or 10% off). But then someone pointed me to Discount Comic Book Service. They discount a lot of stuff 40% (sometimes a little more, and sometimes a little less depending on the publishers). It has allowed me to pick up stuff that I would not have otherwise bought ... and also gives me the opportunity to sample new titles that I otherwise wouldn't buy (and if I decide I like those new titles, then they get added to my pull list at my LCS).
It works out pretty well. My LCS has lost a little bit of my trade business (I still get a few trades through them -- mostly manga titles which are not quite as expensive), though they still get plenty of money from me on a monthly basis, and I get to read even more stuff than I would have previously.

As far as 'The Lightning Saga' goes, I was fairly pleased with it. I've been really pleased with Meltzer's work on JLA thus far. I think he has really done a great job.

Bart's demise!?!?!

Might could have used a spoiler there.

I wasn't going to read the Flash issue anyway, so to be honest I'm kind of glad you spilled that bit of info ... but there are probably others who might stumble on the blog who may not have read the issue yet.
Too bad about Bart.
He started out as an irritating character but got better along the way.
I preferred Wally though, so I'm glad to see him back. And I'm even more excited that Mark Waid will be writing the title again. I'll have to give serious consideration to putting Flash on my reading list again (which it hasn't been on since Waid left the title many years ago).

Heidi Meeley said...

Skullduggery, that is the second time I have heard about that service, so now I am going to definitely take a look. The problem is that I want to be local to my retailer. I have been doing business there for over 15 years, so I have a definite sense of loyalty. This is a hard thing to consider. That is why I get so mad at Diamond, and mad at some of the employees they have that don't take care of me when they think the boss isn't looking.

Oops about Bart. Crap! I didn't mean to spoil it. I have really got to stop blogging after 12 and 13 hour days at work. :-)

The Lightning Saga was mostly great for me until the last issue which felt choppy. I am very interested to see all the repercussions there.

Thank you so much for your insight!