Monday, February 18, 2008

New Comics for February 20

PVP #38
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What a day. I got up early and exercised and then worked a nine hour day. After that, I went and did another two hours at the gym. Hence, I am a tired old lady tonight. Let me keep it brief as I go through my list of new comics for the week!

Birds of Prey #115
Brave & the Bold #10
Catwoman #76
Checkmate #23
Countdown #10
Death of the New Gods #6 (of 8)
Ex Machina #34
Flash #237
Justice League of America #18
Shadowpact #22
Wonder Girl #6 (of 6)
Invincible #48
Madame Mirage #5
PVP #38 - pictured!
Mighty Avengers #9
Ulimate Human #2 (of 4)
Ultimate X-Men #91
Wolverine Origins #22

Crap. The list is big again. What that means is that it is time to go the well and drop the books I like least as I have been doing. I will check back with you later in the week and see how I do.

Have a great night! Take care!


Nick said...

Sweet. Ultimate Human is coming out this week.

What did you think of the first issue?

Oh and...Flash? Really?

Heidi Meeley said...

Nick, I am loving Ultimate Human! It was one of the freshest things I have seen from Marvel in awhile.

Flash- um yeah. I don't know why. Maybe I should drop it. Yeah, probably. Not really digging it. You?

Nick said...

Dropped it an issue or two after the whole sea-monster story...the writing plus Acuna on was just bad.

Acuna is really good for certain titles (Freedom Fighters/Green Lantern/etc) but, The Flash is not one of these titles.

Waid....yeah I don't know what happened there....I really don''t

They need to get Johns on this sucker again, or heck Gail Simone, her plate has been cleared off a bit lately.

I get the sinking feeling The Flash is gonna go the way Nightwing did after Infinite Crisis and is only just now recovering under the skilled hand of Peter Tomasi.

On a completely random note, did you get to see the eclipse?