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Random Thoughts: Comic News This Week

DC Universe Zero
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What a week it has become for comic book announcements. After a great deal of speculation, and the inevitable "Wizard" cover appearance, the lid is coming off with respect to Final Crisis and DC's upcoming weekly series. It appears from reading over at Newsarama that DC's Dan Didio is quite giddy with himself. It must be nice to have that kind of chutzpah, right? Quesada has nothing on Didio.

The one bit of news I did greet with a great deal of excitement is learning that James Robinson is returning to comics after his magnificent Starman series. Robinson will replace Kurt Busiek on the Superman title starting with issue #676 in June. This will be a must read for fans of Robinson's work. My main reaction to this is "Yay!".

"Trinity" will be the name of the upcoming weekly series from DC. Starting in June, the book will have two different stories. One will feature Busiek and Mark Bagley and follow Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. The other story will feature both stand-alone and continuing stories crafted by Busiek and a rotating gallery of artists. After being disenchanted with "Countdown", finding that the new focus will give a more focused approach is comforting. This is a series I would be willing to try based on the strength of both the characters involved and the creative team.

DC Universe #1, which is pictured, is a 24 page issue that will sell for 50 cents. Set up as a bridge between "Countdown to Final Crisis" and "Final Crisis", the book will be written by Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison and feature several artists. From the basic description of it, DC is betting on bringing in readers with a great set up for the DC universe of the coming years.

DC also revealed "Rann/Thanagar: Holy War" and "Reign in Hell" as two events of the coming year. Both mini-series will have six issues and will have a similar feel to the "Countdown" mini-series of the last year. Featured as a continuation of the momentum started there, these books will bring "science heroes" and "devilish villains" to the forefront.

In horrible news, Sean McKeever is ALREADY leaving "Birds of Prey". Utility writer Tony Bedard will take the book back over as regular writer. Not to be a killjoy, but this just takes the wind out of my sails. The book had lost quite a bit of it's luster for me when Gail Simone left, and this just almost kills it for me. I wasn't given a good taste of what McKeever could offer, and I am not a fan of Bedard's so I have a bad feeling I will be dropping this book before Summer ends.

In other comic news, Marvel is starting to heat up the "Secret Invasion" in several titles and the mutants are left in turmoil after the events in those books. I am feeling very disenchanted here as well. Very honestly, I am not a fan of the Skrulls or books relating to them, so I am already burned out. I have been dropping several Marvel titles and focusing more on the "stand alone" books like Punisher Max and the ilk. Time will tell where the boat will travel to in the Marvel universe.

What do you think of the latest news coming out of the comics world? It has been quite the week, huh? Have a great afternoon, and I will be back later to catch up!


Stephen said...

trinity sounds awesome.

Swinebread said...

Too little too late...

Ambush bug is coming so that's all i care about

Eaglewing said...

Trinity does sound kind of interesting (nice art), but when it comes to the epic events, (and this is the same with Marvel Mutants), it's just getting to the point of all you need to know is who's getting killed and who's coming back and who makes devilish deals. Story? What story? The luster is going out of the spandex set with the continuation of stunts. And if they kill Batman, I will revolt. I'll go all Dark Knight Returns on their asses ;-)

As for the Skrulls, who isn't one at this point? It's kind of like the Spidey (It all means nothing!) stunt though, but at least we know this time. They're asking readers to invest in characters when there's a 50/50 shot of a reset with a quick "Haha! Skrull! Didn't see that coming, did you?" Oh wait, yeah we did.

Geez, I must me extra cynical tonight. On the upside, I too am steering more towards the "stand alone" books and other non "big 2" books. I was stoked with the 10 page preview of Criminal on MySpace. That looks great. The last Ennis arc of Punisher Max is still coming, and there's still Jason Aaron's Scalped and his move to Marvel. Also, I recently read the Desolation Jones trade, and while kinda twisted, it was great. Hope there's more of that on the way.

Lisa said...

Thanks for all the news bites! You've saved me a lot of reading time.

I was disappointed about McKeever's run ending already. I think he could have done a great job with Birds. He's a solid writer, great with ensemble casts. But I hope that putting his time into Teen Titans will deliver a solid book.

It sounds like DC has some good stuff in the hopper for this year - so even if you're not into the Marvel event there should still be plenty of other (DC) comics for you to spend your hard earned cash on.

Carl said...

Went to the comic shop today, first time in weeks. Since I am saving up for Megacon, I didn't even pull anything to save, figuring I will find current stuff in the discount boxes next month. Butttttttttt, at the same time, I saw so little I wanted. I even read the debut of Bucky as the new Cap and I was unmoved and found the ending very disturbing. It's like Marvel and DC have both moved on and left what I loved and was a fan of behind. I did hear another customer say something I thought was hilarious. Chaiser, my bud who works the shop on Sundays was talking to this guy and he said, "Oh no, just the horror and Sci-Fi comics for me, the spandex people broke my heart for the last time a long time ago." Wow, 'nuff said...

John Holland said...

I just read the bad news that Steve Gerber died last night. For me Mr. Gerber wrote some of the best comics ever. This is very sad news.

Heidi Meeley said...

Stephen- I am with you on that one!

Heidi Meeley said...


Ambush Bug equals Awesome!


Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, I am truly okay with you having some cynical moments. God knows it can be healthy! LOL.
Some of the events coming up will definitely determine my collecting future as well. If things get too rebooted at DC, my option is to just buy back issues, so I was thinking about it.

As for the skrull thing- I am just not that interested in it. Sad but true.

You have some good TPB's coming down the pipeline! Excellent taste!

Heidi Meeley said...

Lisa, "we do it so you don't have to" LOL!! It was kind of fun to round up the news and try and make sense of it.

Time will tell how these events play out in the DCU. I am hoping for a happy ending. Heh. I have been cutting back lately to save money, but I have been looking more at trades, so my money is changing how it is spent a bit.

This industry is absolutely insane right now!!

Heidi Meeley said...

Carl, it sounds like you are going to have some decent change to spend at Mega-Con. Nice!

I am on the fence about Bucky as Cap right now, but have loved Ed Brubaker's run on the book so I am staying along for the ride.

Heidi Meeley said...

John, that is so sad! Thank you for letting me know, as it is very important.

Wow. I didn't see that coming.