Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Couple of Questions...

For those of you who blogger, how hard is it to set up the "blogs I am following" feature and how does it look on your page? I have been wanting to do it, but am a bit nervous.

I went and bought a copy of the Sex & the City movie on DVD tonight. I am very pleased and am planning on hopefully watching it this weekend. One thing I noticed is that is says it has a "bonus digital copy". What does that mean? I am really behind the times on this, especially with how busy I have been at work. Help!

Anybody else go grab a copy of SATC? I loved the series and enjoyed the movie. Though I will never be a wealthy, affluent New York woman, I still enjoy the friendship and warmth between the women. It gives me a chance to have a bit of fantasy in a life that is full of reality.

Have a good night! Any help in answering my questions would be appreciated!


Unknown said...

I'm not sure why you would be nervous about setting up the "following" feature on your blog. You already have four public followers (I know because I am one and the number of public followers shows up when I select "Manage" under "Blogs I'm Following" on Blogger Home). The widget just shows the icons of your public followers and a link option to follow the blog. If you think that it might consume too much sidebar space as the follower population grows, then you can put it towards the bottom.

Richard said...

A "bonus digital copy" is an extra copy of the film on the DVD that's meant to be copied onto your PC -- like if you take a laptop along on a long trip but don't want to also bring along the physical DVD -- or to a PSP. Described here.

Saranga said...

I think this site has a blogs that are followed feature:
(Under the interesting thoughts sub header)
I think it works well on her site and looks nice. As for setting it up, I'm not sure how to do it but it looked to be fairly simple on the blogger dashboard thing-y.
I was also thinking about doing one, but I am wondering if it would make my linked blogs redundant and/or make my page look too busy.

Thomas said...

It's a simple little thing that doesn't take up much space, although they don't let you customize it much. But you can add it and remove it quickly from the customize page, so if it looks funny to you, It's easy to fix.

A said...

I loved Sex and the City. I liked the movie but it just seemed long for it. The Women is kind of what I wanted SATC the movie to be. I miss the show but Lipstick Jungle kind of fills that void. :)