Saturday, September 20, 2008

What Are You Reading?

It is a rainy day here today at Comics Fairplay. We are staying inside and enjoying the solitude. It has also been nice to wander around checking our the newest pile of comics. As you know, I have been very excited about 100 Bullets.

Today is the day Jim and I are going to fill our our DCBS order. I am looking for suggestions on what the hottest book I should be reading is. Can anyone help me?

Back later...


Rich said...

I usually recommend PROOF to people, but I'll also happily recommend SCALPED based on the first couple of trades.

On the superhero front, you can't go wrong with INCREDIBLE HERCULES right now.

Nick said...

Looking outta my stack for this week.

The Walking Dead is always killer.

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam, is a good one to pick up too. I know a lotta people probably slam it cause it looks like a kid's book, but just like those Marvel Adenture books, sometimes we need just the good ole school comic dorkiness in our lives. Mike Kunkel does all the writing and pencilwork for the series, and two issues in, I still like this sucker. It's right up there in quality with those Franklin Richard : Boy Genius one-shots that Marvel puts out all the time.

SKY is also a good title, it reads really fast but is never confusing...least not to me.

Last but not least I gotta second Rich on Incredible Hercules, I had my skepticism about having a series revolving around Hercules, but darn it if this series didn't suck me in.

I'd give you more recommendations but I am gonna take it as a given that your reading Geoff Johns stuff, Legion of the Three Worlds in particular :)