Monday, September 08, 2008

New Comics for September 10

Just for the record, I am an idiot to think that I can work 11 to 13 hour days and keep up on my blog. That being the case, I will not post my poll results until Wednesday, when I will force myself to come home at a decent hour. I also really desperately need to get caught up on my comments, which I am very embarrassed about being so far behind on.

What is happening at my job, you may ask? Now that it has been a week, I feel I can share. My company is no more. Our assets were bought by another company and for the first time in over 19 years I have a new job so to speak. As we are doing the computer conversions and all that other fun stuff, I am finding myself having fun again while working myself as hard as possible. This does mean that for the next few weeks I will be spotty like usual.

Since January, my life is even more hectic. I had a lot of problems that are going away. I just have a few more, which include losing the weight I have put on the last five months and working on repairing my home, to go. Thank you for bearing with me. I am crossing my fingers that after a dark couple of years that my life will be more my own.

In that spirit, here is the list of this week's books.

100 Bullets #95

Booster Gold #12

Ex Machina #38

Final Crisis Revelations #2 (of 5)

Green Arrow Black Canary #12

Green Lantern Corps #28

Trinity #15

Wonder Woman #24

Darkness #5

Deadpool #1

Genext #5 (of 5)- which has been a suckfest so far.

Ms. Marvel #30

Secret Invasion #6 (of 8)

Secret Invasion Inhumans #2 (of 4)- pictured

Secret Invasion X-Men #2 (of 4)

Ultimate Origins #4 (of 5)

That is it for today. It is 8 p.m. and I am just going to go get my stuff ready for tomorrow. It has been hectic, but I feel a great deal of joy. See you tomorrow!


Doc said...
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Doc said...

Hey there,
I like your blog. It looks really good and is written in a fun tone. I recently started my own blog and am looking to get some traffic to it. It kind of has the same style as yours so maybe you could check it out. If you like it could you add me to your blogroll since that would hopefully lead to some hits and maybe even some comments or feedback

Saranga said...

Wow, your work situation sounds pretty stressful :( Still, it sounds like you're overall positive which is good.

Is it really time for another GA/BC issue? Fantatsic! I really look forward to that book :)

Heidi Meeley said...

Doc, thanks for the kind words! After I make it through this ugly work week, I will check you out!

Heidi Meeley said...

Saranga, I was really excited to see GA/BC coming out! I want to get to the end of the storyline and figure it all out!

Yep, work is stressful but it is fun. It is wonderful to have challenges that arise out of making a success rather then averting a failure. It is a good feeling!

Take care!