Friday, September 26, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

Tonight I am tired. I feel every one of my 42 years. I can tell that for a long time now I have been working insane hours while trying to maintain any kind of life. Hopefully in a month I can get back to some normalcy.

One thing I know about working a lot of hours is that in the long run it kills a person's effectiveness. This is a short term thing, and as much as it has been fun and challenging, it has also been a bit hectic. Thanks to the hubby for not bitching about hardly seeing me!

There are several comic conventions coming up in Washington and Oregon I wanted to mention.

Bellcon takes place on September 27 in Bellingham, Washington. It is a one day show and it is this weekend! Head over to the link for details. Unfortunately, Jim and I won't make this one. If you attend, let me know the scoop.

On October 11, Tri City Comicon will take place in Pasco, Washington. This is the first year that the gaming and film festival will feature comics. We know our good buddy and amazing artist Jason Metcalf will be there, so that is very cool. Jim and I will try and shoot down for that one!

Sunday, October 26 is the date of the next Seattle Comicard Show. Clayton Crain is the guest of honor at this one. It is always a great buying show and one that I highly recommend. Keep checking the site for other guests. Our good friend Quenton Shaw of QEW Publishing is slated to be there, and he is the coolest guy around. We also like to catch up with Ben Hanson, AKA the best artist you don't know about but should, at the show. Jim and I hope to attend this one.

Lastly, on Sunday, November 9, the Portland Comic Book Show will make it's bow. Aaron Lopresti, Jim Valentino, and many more guests are slated to attend. I want to go, simply because my family is down there and it gives me an excuse to see my good looking and smart nephews.

Does anyone know of any other shows going on in the Northwest this fall? If so, drop me a comment here!

That is it for tonight. I am going to be a total slacker and go be a television zombie tonight. Take care!

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