Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Thoughts and Musings

In really good news, Jim and I got our comic book order Tuesday night. I was very excited, and have been randomly reading them the last few nights.

I am sad that Fallen Angel is going to end. I can't remember the issue number off the top of my head (help on that anyone?), but I will miss it. Hopefully writer Peter David will bring it back again.

Another book I have been pleasantly surprised about is Rex Mundi from Dark Horse. When the book began, I was intrigued, but wasn't able to get all the issues. Since the Dark Horse run, I have been on board. The book continues to improve, telling a tale that appears to be hitting it's apex.

I loved 100 Bullets as usual, and I laughed until I cried when I checked out The Boys. The last page is priceless!

There are many more books in my stack, and I would love to knock off a true blue review sooner than later. I am not holding my breath, but it would be nice to get back on the old review horse.

Work is continuing to rev up as we head towards "Go Live" on the company's computer system. Getting bought by another company can go many different ways, but luckily for me, it has been a pleasant, intriguing experience thus far. My harshest complaint is that I have been working so hard I haven't had a settled homelife. I miss Jim and I miss my blog, but both are being patient.

The bad news is that Jim and I will not be attending this Sunday's Seattle Comicard Show. Jim tried to get a table, but never got a call back. I am not too sad as I am very tired and was not looking forward to the drive. The worst part about not going is missing our friends. I am very sad about that. Next spring, Jim and I will be back on the convention circuit with a vengeance.

Tomorrow is Friday and that is a good thing. Jim and I are planning to order pizza and watch True Blood, so I am really looking forward to that. I hope you all are doing well!

I will see you back here soon to answer comments and babble about more stuff!


Eaglewing said...

Good luck with the job and going live with the new system. Aren't computers fun? :)

I'm way behind on any new comics reading or happenings myself but hope to get caught up on 100 Bullets and The Boys soon - might be in trades though. Would be interested in your thoughts on Punisher Max since Ennis left if you get around to doing reviews (saw it's still on your list). I still have yet to read them myself.

Enjoy your pizza and True Blood, another thing I'm behind on! :) Life just keeps moving on.

Saranga said...

Is Fallen Angel available in trade format? I've been umming and ahhing over it for months and months. I loved Peter David's run on Supergirl and I know some bloggers view Fallen Angel as Peter David's Persona if not official continuation of Linda Danvers... What's your view on this?

Heidi Meeley said...

Eaglewing, yep, conversions are fun. LOL! I am just praying that I don't mess anything up!!

Punisher Max is pretty good. I have been enjoying the "Girls in White Dresses" storyline very much. I plan to keep picking the book up, and Jim has even started reading it!

Thank you for the well wishes! I know you are super busy as well, so you have my sympathies and mutual commiseration!! :-)

Heidi Meeley said...

Saranga, Fallen Angel is excellent. My favorite part of the run has been the first few storylines of the IDW run, but overall, it has been a cut above many of the other books I read.

Surprisingly, I have never felt that the lead character of Fallen Angel is David's version of Linda Danvers. If you check out the book, you will find a bit of irony and a character that is startlingly familiar, but it doesn't go down the way one would expect it to.

If you check it out, you will have to let me know what you think. If you liked David's Supergirl run, I think you will enjoy it.

Take care!

Saranga said...

Thanks for the info Heidi, I will now keep it higher in my comics to buy list. :)