Saturday, January 15, 2005

Celebrating in the Snow

Thursday was my husband Jim's birthday and we went out to a low key dinner, but tonight is when we are planning to go out with friends. Of course it is snowing like crazy and way cold, so it should make being out and around nuts. Hopefully it slows down a little before the actual time we had planned to go out.

I just got done reading 100 Bullets- it is outstanding! I am more convinced then ever that this series is meant to be read in arcs though. It is intricate and involved, with a much bigger story going on behind the scenes. The issue I just read finished the "Wylie Runs Down the Voodoo" story, and it brings the arc full circle. Wow. If you are an adult who isn't reading 100 Bullets, give it a try sometime. Pick up a trade paperback or two for the full effect.

I am off and about to read some more new issues. I had a full week, so it should be reading heaven.

SPECIAL NOTE TO MY HUBBY: Happy belated Birthday Honey! After 8 years together I love you more then ever!

Have a great day all!


Carl said...

Yep, I have got to read the New Orleans story arc from the beginning. The story jumps around and I seriously lost track of what was going on. So, I'm gonna dig the first issues out and start over. I've got everyone around me to read them (or they said they did, maybe I should issue a quiz then) and I greedily snatch up the new iss. Oh yeah, I wished your hubby Many Happy Returns on his site and strangely enough my b-day was today (the 15th). Since we all got colds this week, we stayed home, ordered pizza, the bride and Number 1 Daughter baked me a cake and I played Red Dead Revolver before and between the Sat. cartoons. Not as big as when we have gone out to Outback and the movies and shopped but I had a really nice b-day. Hope you guys had a great time...

Heidi Meeley said...

Happy Belated Birthday Carl! It sounds like a nice day was had by you and your family! I am glad to here that. I know that sometimes the best laid plans can change, but sometimes it is for the better.

That is crazy that you and Jim have birthday so close together. Must be fate!!

Happy Birthday! I am glad it was good!