Sunday, January 23, 2005

Review at 4CR

I did a review of Hellblazer: Hard Time, a great trade paperback, over at 4 Color Review. If you get a chance, give it a look.

Otherwise, it has been quite the weekend. I am working out like crazy and trying to acclimate to a new diet so I am quite crabby. My poor husband! My doctor warned me the first week is the hardest because your body is adjusting, so we are forewarned.

I am finally going to go read my comics for the week. I have been having a harder time getting to them before Sunday for the last month. I am able to give them all a glance, but by the time I can just sit and read them, half the week is already gone! I am hoping to fix that by the middle of February when things should quiet down for me at work.

Here's a hot reminder: The Emerald City Comicon is February 5 and 6 in Seattle. Jim and I will be there with bells on. Anyone else going?

Have a great week!


Carl said...

Hard Time is probably my fave JC:HB story of the post-#100 arcs. That and Hell Freezes. I tell my friends to really get Constantine, that is a must read. I am so not looking forward to this movie, I would say to the point of uneasy and unhappy dread. We know that Reeves can only act now and again, but Constantine is such a complicated and pretty much a complete bastid that you love and hate. It's like turning over Charles Foster Kane or Captain Ahab over to Pee-Wee Herman in my view. I mean, I can see Keanu's reaction to a demon attack: "Whoa. That was trippy. Dude." He's about as wrong for the part as possible. What's next? The no-talent bum Will Ferell and the SNL players creating "Powers" for the big screen? Shoot me now...

Heidi Meeley said...

That is so funny that you aren't looking forward to the movie, Carl. I can definitely see your point though that Keanu is not the person that a fan would pick to play the wonderfully wicked John Constantine.

My pick was Ewan MacGregor or Jude Law with a preference for Ewan. At least we would have a good accent! Another dark horse was Colin Farrell, but he is pretty over-exposed right now.

I plan to see Constantine for the special effects, even though I am slightly worried about being pissed about lack of similarities. It is kind of like Elektra- I haven't went to see it yet because I am so close to the character's history that I am afraid it is going to make me mad.

Don't I sound like a stereotypical fanboy? Hahaha! I do think that if a person is used to something being a certain way, when it doesn't follow history anymore it is going to be a bit upsetting. It isn't much different then when popular books get made into movies. God knows I enjoyed the Harry Potter films, but they were missing the magic of the written word for me.

Take care Carl! Great observations about the Hellblazer book. It has had it's ups and downs as well, but has mostly been good.