Sunday, January 30, 2005

It's been one of those weeks...

My blogging has been extra bad this week due to unforseen circumstances. Unfortunately, it also means I haven't done more then skim my comics for the week, so I can't even articulate about those.

I am blogging from work right now as we are cutting over from our old AS400 to a new I-Series. One of my co-workers and myself are the techies of the company so we are here to be at the installer's beck and call. Heck of a way to spend a Sunday, huh?

The one thing I can talk about is that the Emerald City Con is coming up this weekend. It is February 5 and 6 in Seattle. Jim and I are making the trek, and at this point he is way more excited then I am. I am very distracted with work and my weight loss contest. I am hoping that once we get there, I will catch the fever!

I will be very frank that my blogging will be absolute crap until after February 10, which is my company's annual trade show. My boss and I are co-chairing it so to speak, so that is another bit of life drama.

Sorry that my posts have been un-comic book related for the most part. It has been hectic, but I don't want to hang up my blog because I will be able to be more regular after a point.

Take care all!

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