Monday, January 17, 2005

New Comics For January 19

Here is the list of what I have coming in this week. It's another barn burner!

Samurai: Heaven & Earth #2
Adventures of Superman #636
Authority Revolution #4
Batman Gotham Knights #61
Birds of Prey #78
Catwoman #39
Hawkman #36
Manhunter #6
Outsiders #19
Teen Titans #20
Terra Obscura Vol 2 #5
Wonder Woman #212
Invincible #19
Tomb Raider #49
Ultra #6
Wanted #6 - Finally!
Bullseye Greatest Hits #5 - sad to see this one end
Daredevil #69
Powers #8
Rogue #7
Ultimate Spider-Man #71
Wolverine #24
Wolverine The End #6- Another FINALLY
X-Men #166

Yikes! It should be an expensive but great week!


Carl said...

Welp, I am looking forward to your take on Wanted #6. I have pretty much decided that I will *NOT* go out of my way to read Millar's work. Yep, if he is writing a book like The Ultimate FF or whatever, yeah, fine. But something that he created and wants me to buy, welp, he can find some other sucker to pay for uncalled for fandom abuse. I don't mind being insulted, I'm a big guy, but laughing at me for my hobby and then a nice big insult? F'him...

Heidi Meeley said...

I actually went and read "Wanted" to see how it ended. It was pretty much a letdown unfortunately. I had enjoyed it right up to this issue, so that is disappointing.

I think Millar is okay as a comic book writer, but do agree that he gets way too cocky for his own good in way too many matters that don't concern him. I purposely won't go to Millarworld for that very reason. It is kind of like John Byrne- if I focus on the person, I would never read anything he did. Same for Mike Grell, who I loathe as a person.

To get past the crap and just read is sometimes the hardest part!

Carl said...

I also read "Wolverine-The End" finale last night. Jeez, did this thing out and out stink on ice. The series started pretty interesting and I hoped it might actually solve some of the questions of the past in the "future" story. Heidi, it got so confusing and trying to follow the story and action, I swear it was like a guy on LSD was telling me the story while tripping. I finished it, tossed it up on 'read' stack and walked away. What a waste of time and money...