Monday, January 24, 2005

Comics for January 26

Jeez, I can hardly believe it is Monday again! Time flies way too fast! Here is a list of the stuff I am picking up this week.

Conan #12
Batgirl #60 - I am seeing where the new direction takes her
Batman #636
Flash #218
Hellblazer #204
JLA Classified #3
JSA Strange Adventures #6
Legion of Super Heroes #2
Nightwing #102
Robin #134
WE3 #3
Witching #8
Y The Last Man #30
Witchblade #82
Amazing Spider-Man #516 - part two of a new crappy story!
Black Widow #5
Fantastic Four #522
New X-Men #9 - I gotta keep reading this until Rahne gets caught fooling around with that kid!
Ultimate Fantastic Four #15
Ultimate X-Men #55 - I hated part one of this storyline. I hope this is better.
Uncanny X-Men #454
X-23 #2
Soulfire #3

No shows: Green Lantern Rebirth and Superman. What the hell? I didn't see either on next weeks list as well. Hmmmm...


Carl said...

Welp, I actually read a bunch of my books I got on Wednesday. One of the under-rated and mostly unknown books is WE3. I really enjoyed it. It really moved me 'cause it was so sad what they did to these animals and I was touched by the humans that tried to help them. It's sad that no one I know has read this book and I told everyone it was worth getting.
I also enjoyed Batgirl, Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Ultimate FF and Black Widow. Okay, I have to say, so far, the new Legion, omg, it's boring! I barely made it through the first one and I actually stopped reading the 2nd half-way though the book! I don't know what it is, I enjoyed the TT/Legion cross-over and have enjoyed Wade in the past, but this book can't capture my interest at all. Welp, I am running out of time here, must head to bed. Can't wait to hear you take on it Waid's Legion...

Heidi Meeley said...

I looked through WE3 and it looked awesome! I am hoping to have time to read it tonight.

I agree about Legion- very political and wordy, not at all what I was hoping. I want to read it tonight as well.

Other then X-23, I haven't read anything this week. It sounds like you enjoyed most of what came out?

Carl said...

Yeah, it was a pretty good week. Enjoyed Batgirl in her new place, the profile of Heat Wave story in The Flash was fantastic (I always saw him as a generic rogue), the 2nd part of Nightwing Year One was really good, especially with the surprise guest at the end, Y-The Last Man was good but almost predictable and Ultimate FF was really good, got a lot of the original FF spirit going in it. Oh yeah, I got to go to FX Con in Orlando Saturday, had a really good time. Pictures up soon...