Monday, June 06, 2005

New Comics for June 8

Here are my new comics for this Wednesday, June 8. It should be a great week, and I am looking forward to seeing the newest issue of Age of Bronze come out as it is a personal favorite that I only get in small doses.

Action Comics #828
Fables #38- who is the adversary storyline continues
Gotham Central #32
Green Arrow #51
JLA #115- the start of the "Crisis of Conscience" story arc
Justice League #12 (of 12)
Lex Luthor Man of Steel #4 (of 5) - excellent art!
Nightwing #109
Rann Thanagar War #2 (of 6)
Age of Bronze #20
District X #14
New Thunderbolts #9
Pulse #9 - finally!
Punisher #22 - I am loving this current story arc- it is harsh and gritty but strangely mesmerizing!
Ultimate Fantastic Four #19
Ultimate Spider-Man #78
X-Men #171
X-Men The End Heroes and Martyrs #4 (of 6)

It is a little lighter week then usual, but that is alright because the last two weeks have been HUGE. Take care all, and have a great week!


Carl said...

Sadly, I am not getting my books. With my bride's health problems (which thankfully are better and being controled by meds) she couldn't afford to give me my home-schooler/stay-at-home dad money. Mostly 'cause of the trip to the Mayo Clinic last year and some of the meds are expensive as all get out. Ssssssoooooooo, until I get a job or do work for my comic shop (not sure about that, Scott's a good guy but he loves to abuse the help and I'm an alpha male that doesn't cotton to that), my comics are kind of in limbo. Buttttttttt, at the same time, I have always had this really good luck, so while I am down for now, I am just waiting to turn the corner. Past my bedtime! Boobye...

Heidi Meeley said...

I am sorry to hear that, Carl. I hope your lovely wife is feeling better with her medicine. I know that both my dad and my grandparents have extraordinarily large expenses each month because of the prescriptions they must take to maintain any kind of quality of life. I work in the animal health industry, and it never ceases to amaze me how much drug companies charge for the things we MUST have. I know that it is expensive to do the research, but know for a fact that the margin is huge as well.

I think it is neat that you are a full time dad and are able to teach your children. I know that if Jim and I have kids that is what we would do, even if we had to live without. I admire that you and your wife have made that commitment.

Does your wife have decent insurance? I know that is the key a lot of the time. I am lucky that both Jim and I have insurance, but I sometimes wonder how much I really save. I also wonder if we would be better off converting to a more socialized medicine system like they have in England. Everybody gets the same care, regardless of class or creed.

I am sorry to hear about the comics, because I know you enjoy them like I do. I am hoping it is a temporary situation for you!

Take care, and stay in touch!

Carl said...

Thanks for the kind words Heidi. Yep, my bride works for the state and we had good coverage. Whew, I wouldn't want to be sick in the UK or Canada or anyplace with soc. medicine. I personally know people that have brought family members here to the States 'cause they were either sent home to die or were put on a list to wait for needed surgery. And Tampa, Orlando and Miami and the various areas are full of Canadians getting treatment now instead of waiting back home. Brrrrrrrr, remember, if the government takes over healthcare it will run as smooth as the IRS, Social Security, Welfare and Medicade/Medicare. Later...

Heidi Meeley said...

I definitely know that the system has a great deal to be desired, but also know that the inflated costs of care and medicine put a financial strain on a family that can be crippling in so many ways. I wish there was a happy medium in that respect. My main point was the expense being so out of line is a horror.

I won't even get started on the welfare system! Hee hee.

At any rate, I am glad your wife has been able to get treatment. I know that a person's health is the number one, and comics are way down the line in importance. It just is a bummer!

Take care!