Wednesday, June 15, 2005

VH-1 Kept is a must-see!

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I have found the must-see television show for me this Summer! It is titled "Kept" and it is on VH-1. The show is a reality program where 12 American guys vie to be kept in a life of luxury, winning money and prizes.

The show stars Jerry Hall, top supermodel and ex-wife to Mick Jagger. Jerry has always been a favorite of mine for her bluntness and charm, so I figured the show would work well. I can hardly believe how perfect she is as the gorgeous older woman who will select the man to be kept.

The male candidates are a sight to behold as well. From the vain pretty boys Ricardo and Slavco to class clown John, the men here run the gamet. A personal favorite of mine right out of the gate is Austen, an incredibly handsome guy with a great, surprisingly humble attitude.

Each week the men must master a new gentlemanly skill. The first episode found them having to swim the Thames River and shop for a gift for Jerry. The first guy eliminated tanks for giving Jerry a book with an old picture of her and Mick pasted inside of it! I don't know what his logic was, but it definitely didn't work.

The second episode was all about grooming and a fashion show, which featured designs by cutting edge designer Vivienne Westwood and others. Talk about high camp! The last outfit the fellows had to model were underwear, which gave Jerry and the audience a great deal of excitement, and unfortunately for a few of the guys, a lot of laughs.

Last week was all about art and how to carry yourself. The men had to draw, paint, model, and face their fears about nudity. When the episode was all over, poor Frank had to go home.

This Thursday at 9 p.m. is a new episode in which Jerry takes the contestants to a lovely country home and one of the guys makes a terrible error in judgement.

Kept is a charming, irreverent show. It is fun for a hard-working woman like myself to be able to enjoy the paces Jerry puts the men through, and to see their reactions and intentions come to light.

If you get a chance, give Kept a look. It has the total package!

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