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Tozzer GN

Tozzer GN
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Tozzer and the Invisible Lap Dancers GN
Ablaze Media
Writer: Rob Dunlop
Artist: Peter Lumby
80 pages, full color
Price: $8.95 US

Rating: 3 ½ stars

Tozzer is a book that could only have been produced by someone with huge balls, and I mean that in a most complementary, sincere way. From page one up to the last panel, Tozzer and his pals must negotiate their way through the ludicrous world of celebrity while learning the Hollywood way. Filled with satire and incredibly graphic depictions, Tozzer is the must read book of the summer.

Tozzer wants to be a world-class illusionist, and though his dim existence in Shit Creek seems at first to be a tall barrier, he finds his way into the gilded city and Boarboils Academy. There he encounters characters that are uncomfortably like the celebrities we grow sick of reading about in US Weekly. Not exactly glamorous in their portrayal, the Tozzer creative team lays bare any illusion that Famous people are cooler then us.

Writer Rob Dunlop has his pop culture knowledge down to a fine science. Each page is filled with both obscure references, and in-your-face set downs. I found myself trying to see how he could top himself next with each situation. Extremely hilarious was the portrayal of a certain white rapper and his gift for making the wrong decisions. All that was missing was the soundtrack to 8 Mile.

Artist Peter Lumby uses a cartoony approach to push the limits of sex, drugs, and violence being portrayed, and it works effectively. His characterizations are dead-on, and elevate Dunlop’s scripting to the next level. I found his work to be so crystal sharp that I would have to sometimes look twice to make sure I was seeing what I thought was in front of me for fear of having my eyes burn off!

If you are looking for a new slant on sarcasm and adult humor, Tozzer is the book for you. As Tozzer makes his way in life, the situations he encounters and the end results are full of shocking twists and turns. Full of pop culture references, and ripe for the pickings, Tozzer is not to be missed. Order it at your local comic book shop today, or try for even greater instant gratification!

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