Monday, June 20, 2005

Wonder Woman 217

Wonder Woman 217
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Speaking of Wonder Woman, has anyone heard what the word is about when the next issue is due? It was supposed to ship on May 25, and from what I understand, Rags Morales had felt that having two issues ship that month was beyond his capabilities.

It is now June 22, and Wonder Woman 217 is not showing on this week's or next week's shipping lists. It makes me wonder what will become of issue 218, which was supposed to ship June 29. Further worrying me is that issue 219 is the big brawl between her and Superman and it has been solicited for July 27. What will the lateness of the issues before do to shipping then?

With DC attempting such a major crossover event, it is stuff like this that gives me pause. I absolutely hate it when product ships out of order. It ruins the surprise and messes up continuity for the reader.

Anyone heard any word on this yet? I checked Newsarama for their updated list and didn't see it anywhere.

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