Wednesday, June 01, 2005

It's a Blog World After All

The last couple of days I have wandered around the internet (not on work time!!) and the fact that there are a dirth of comic book related blogs everywhere I turn doesn't surprise me in the least. What is interesting to me is that everyone has different motivations. Here are some examples.

1. Stroke My Ego blog: This is the person who wants to get all the free stuff they can, and along with it have creators and industry types calling upon them for an opinion. They also tend to have Ego-like friends who like to bask in each other's glory. As this blogger stands upon their own Mount Olympus, the rest of us must only hope to be so cool some day. I usually try to avoid these blogs, at they sometimes infuriate me.

2. Rip It All Apart blog: This is the blogger who just has to bitch about the state of the industry and the industry types who keep messing it up for the rest of their readers. From sarcastic comments on recent events to flat out attacks on fellow readers, these bloggers think their opinion is the one that counts. What is even worse is that their buddies hop on board and try to turn it up a notch. I usually avoid these blogs at all costs, as once again, I get irritated.

3. The Why Bother blog: If the blog gets updated a couple of times a month it is an event. The person obviously wants a blog but doesn't have the time or passion to make it happen. As I struggle with this myself at times, I can sympathize, but I wonder what made them think they could maintain it?

4. The News blog: This is the blogger who scours other sites for news and takes it to their site to further publicize said information. I think that this is helpful for the most part, but am usually more interested in why the article would catch their eye then the news itself. When I find pieces of information, I like to pass it on, so I can see the angle.

5. The Love Comics blog: This blogger just loves comics period. From bringing out the older issues in their collection to reviewing the new stuff, this person wants you to know about the comics they like. Some blogs also focus on comics they don't like and have a more review type of feel, but there is a definite love there.

6. The Specialty blog: A blog with a focus on a type of comic book or creator. That being said, several creators have their own blogs now, and some are quite compelling. Some time I will pull down my favorite sites and link them here.

7. My blog: I am just a woman who wants to talk about comic books and life in a non-judgemental environment I can control. I love to do reviews for 4 Color, but it has been wonderful to be able to "talk" about pop culture and comic book issues without the fear of being flamed on a message board. I try to be nice, and sometimes I fail, but my intent is to be positive and fair minded.

I am sure there are more varieties of blogs out there, and someday I hope to have the opportunity to go to them. To all you fellow bloggers out there, I raise my glass to you. It is hard work, and sometimes it comes with repercussions that are unexpected or unfriendly. Keep up the good work, whatever type of blogger you are, and enjoy the freedom of speech we have.

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