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One Year Later: The First Two Weeks

Detective Comics 817
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After the first two weeks of "One Year Later", my feelings are mixed. Some titles are hitting it out of the park, while others leave me cold. Here is a brief summary of my opinions so far on the first two weeks offerings.

Outsiders #34: The first book I read, and the worst in my eyes. The Outsiders are now a political book?? There was a definite chill in the air about the characters that didn't resonate well with me. Nothing gelled here, and maybe it is the fact that I have no idea what transpired in that year that ruins it, but it definitely didn't score here. Grade: D+

Detective Comics #817: It is nice to have James Robinson back on a comic book, and the book has a welcoming feel. The art by Leonard Kirk and Andy Clarke is amazing- I had to look twice to make sure who the art team was, because I was so impressed. Lots of mysteries here to solve, so for now I stay on board. Grade: B+

JSA #83: I didn't notice a great deal of changes on this title, though there seemed to be a new tenseness. The Gentlemen Ghost story kicks off, and since it was referred to in the previous issue, it wasn't "shocking" in any respect. Rags' art was gorgeous, and Paul Levitz knows his way around a story so I look forward to the next issue. Grade: B

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40: Considering the names on the cover (Kurt Busiek and Butch Guice), I was expecting brilliance and greatness. What I got was lukewarm mystery. I just don't think I can go backwards with Aquaman this time- the thought of dealing with the Arthur Curry persona and rebooting it all is too much to bear. Grade: D

Firestorm The Nuclear Man #23: Much to my shock, I really liked this issue. The persons being merged were a bit of a shock, and where the story is heading was intriguing. The book has the advantage of not having a lot of baggage, so this was an easy call. Grade: B

I will have more on this week's One Year Later books coming soon. What are your thoughts on the this new crop?

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