Monday, March 13, 2006

New Comics for March 15

Birds of Prey 92
Originally uploaded by Heidi Meeley.
Well, it is another week already! I am glad to have made it through Monday. My hubby had to have more cavities filled, so I am home early tonight. He is doing well, just still numb.

Here is my list of new comics for the week.

Conan #26
100 Bullets #70
Birds of Prey #92 (pictured at right)
Green Arrow #60
Infinite Crisis Secret Files 2006
JLA Classified #18
Nightwing #118
Seven Soldiers Bulleteer #4 (of 4)
Superman #650
Teen Titans Annual #1
Girls #11
PVP #24
Witchblade #96
Four #28
Generation M #5 (of 5)
Punisher Vs. Bullseye #5 (of 5)
Spider-Woman Origin #4 (of 5)
Ultimate Extinction #3 (of 5)
Ultimate X-Men #68
Fathom #7

It is yet another ugly week, but Jim and I are working to get our comic book orders lower each month, so it should start showing soon.

Take care and have a wonderful week!


p'La said...

what's goin on with James' blog. I clicked on his link and it says that blog is not found. maybe he was updating or something, but just curious in case his link had changed.


James Meeley said...


Yeah, that's because I deleted my blog. I just wasn't into doing it anymore, so I deleted it. Was there something on it you were looking for?

Carl said...

HOLY CRAP! I noticed that too, thought maybe it was a server problem or something. Sheesh, James, gonna miss your blog, it was part of my regular surfing here...

p'La said...

well, yes there was something I was looking for...In the words of Doctor 'Bones' McCoy, "Dam--t Jim", YOU!
I mean, I will admit, I myself have not been the best at blogging lately and I always said that I wanted to only do this if I could at least do it weekly, but things happen, people have lives and work and sometimes there just isnt time... You know this, but maybe what you don't realize is how many people enjoyed your fresh commentary and insight to what you think is important. Even if one person were to cut into anything you've ever written, there would still be a huge collection of readers that have the same views and mind for what you say and would enjoy the fact that you dared to print it.
I won't brow beat you about it because I know you have your own reasons and its your right. I hope you will at least consider sidelining on "ComicsFairPlay" with Heidi though.

OHHH! And good news PAL!
Thank you and Heidi so much for offering to come to mine and Kirk's rescue when Kirk lost his spot with Emerald City, but its all been worked out. Kirk met up with a few local artist friends (one being Steve Lieber), who are also going and they are sharing their space with him. They actually had more table space than they needed. We will see ya there!