Sunday, March 12, 2006

Get In Shape Weigh In: Week 7

It was another weird week at the Meeley house. It went too fast, and I was oddly depressed. The highlight was definitely Friday night when we went and saw Ultraviolet at the local movie theatre. Even though the critics panned it, we enjoyed it immensely.

My weekly weigh in was nothing to write home about, but here it is.

This week's loss: 1lb.

Total weight loss: 12 lbs.

Oh well, at least it didn't go the other way. It just seemed that for as hard as I pushed this week, it would have been 2!

We didn't get our comic books until Thursday, so I am behind on those as well. We shall see if I can get caught up this week.

Take care!


p'La said...

Heidi, with 7 weeks under your belt you have proved that you definitely have the motivation and willpower to 'surpass' your goal. don't fret if it seems you dropped 1 lb less than intended, you are likely doing one of two things, building more muscle, in which case muscle mass weighs more than fat. or you are at a temporary plateau. either is a good thing in weight loss, because they are short termed halts and before you know it that extra muscle will boost the metabolism and cause you to lose more than you intended. 12 pounds in EXCELLENT, HEALTHY and a Definite loss to be proud of. Keep up the good work.
By the way, I am gonna be jealous of all that weight loss if I get to see you at Emerald City, but I still hope I see both you and James!

Heidi Meeley said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement- I really needed them! I know you are right, and that what I am doing is more for the long term gain of muscle and health for sure. I think I may have set my goal a tad high, so I have to rethink it a bit.

Jim and I are definitely going to be at Emerald City. I can't wait to see you! We have an exhibitor's booth there, so if you get a chance, come on over and hang out or I will find you to do the same.

Take care sweet lady!